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Engineering Bricks

Grey Radiators are a stylish option for your home. Radiators are a necessity in homes, so it's important to ensure you have the correct size, finish, and style to match your current home superbly well. 

Our Range

We have a superb range of Grey radiators online. Grey is a fanatic colour for modern spaces, it really matches well with modern style decor. Also, it looks superb in traditional spaces too, we have a variety of Grey radiators designs which fit perfectly well into both modern and traditional style homes. We also have a variety of sizes too, so if you are looking for something that is small and compact or the opposite we have the perfect choice for you. Grey radiator paint is also available, perfect, so you choose the exact shade of grey that you desire to match your room of choice. 

What are Engineering Bricks?

They differ from normal facing bricks, as Engineering Bricks are specifically made for structural and commercial applications, and are made to provide enhanced technical performance. Because of this, they are used for their physical characteristics and not necessarily their appearance. They have a high compressive strength and low water absorption rate, and they are classified by these properties into either Class A or Class B Engineering Bricks. We offer Class B Blue Engineering Bricks and Class A Red Engineering Bricks on our website. Our Blue Engineering Bricks (Class B) are less strong than Red Engineering Bricks (Class A) but much more common, however the Red Engineering Bricks (Class A) are much stronger than the Blue Engineering Bricks (Class B) which makes them less common. Examples of uses for Engineering Bricks are ground works, manholes, sewers and damp proof courses, although Engineering Bricks were traditionally used for civil engineering, but are suitable for use where there is a high level of strength and resistance to water or frost is needed, as they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Choosing your Engineering Bricks

When deciding which grey radiator is best for you, our range online includes a variety of styles including wall hung options, traditional styles, vertical wall radiators and also towel rails. All have superb benefits. Light grey radiators are a popular choice as they look fantastic in both modern and traditional decors. As of recent, vertical radiators are growing in popularity because they not only warm the room up superbly well but also utilise the space fantastically giving you more wall space in your room for other amenities or features. Browse our selection of grey radiators online today. 

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