Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Our range of Corrugated Roof Sheets provides you with a low cost and durable roofing system. Traditionally used in commercial, industrial and farming industries however moving onto more residential settings corrugated roofing is a great choice of roofing due to its durability and strength.

What are Corrugated Roof Sheets?

Corrugated roofing sheets feature a wavy construction which adds strength to lightweight materials, meaning materials like aluminium that are usually too flimsy can be made sturdy enough to withhold all sorts of weather. Corrugated roof sheets can withstand ice and show meaning you’ll never have to worry about roof leaks.

Choosing your Corrugated Roofing Sheets

We offer a variety of corrugated roof sheets from well known brands including Corolux, Coroline and Corrapol. Our corrugated roof sheets are available in a range of materials including polyethylene, aluminium and bitumen, all known for their excellent thermal and sound insulation and high impact resistance to fluctuating environmental temperature.

Unlike many other roofing materials, corrugated roofing sheets are extremely easy to install and can even be installed over an old roof, making corrugated roof sheets an ideal option if you’re looking to fit a roof on a budget. With corrugated roof sheets becoming more popular amongst homeowners, we offer a range of corrugated roof sheets in a variety of colours to imitate the look of natural slate and clay tiles. All our corrugated roof sheets are designed to last a long time, our aluminium corrugated roof sheets can last for 50 years meaning they have a very low life cycle cost.

Typically, corrugated roof sheets require little to no maintenance and can usually be cleaned with water. All our corrugated roof sheets can be bought in different sizes depending on the size of the roof you would like to cover. Our Onduline corrugated roof sheets have been designed to enhance the roofing performance and aesthetic appeal of garden timber frame buildings. It’s low profile and high weathering performance makes it the perfect corrugated roof sheets for sheds, summer houses, workshops and garages.

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