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Flat Roof Waterproofing

Flat roof waterproof roof membrane uses various different materials in order to create an effective water and weatherproof flat roof coating.

How to use Weatherproof Flat Roof Coating

These materials are long lasting and have exceptional durability. The most commonly used material in flat roof coating is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which is more than capable of withstanding the harshest of weather conditions. In addition to this, EPDM is resistant to ozone, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. One of the benefits of using EPDM is that very few people are required for the installation of the membrane which in turn means a reduction in labour costs, making the EPDM flat roof coating an extremely economical option.

Please note however, that any standing water, frost, snow or ice must be removed from the flat roof coating before installation of the membrane can begin. Couple this with the little to no maintenance required by the owner over its long life span, it makes EPDM one of the leading materials when it comes to finding the right way to waterproof your flat roof.

Additionally, the use of EPDM is great for the waterproofing of a flat roof of any size regardless of whether it is a simple refurbishment or a new build all together and can be combined with tried and tested bituminous membranes for further reinforcement. EPDM membranes can also be purchased in different widths and thicknesses, all depending of the size of your roof coating and the level of water and weatherproof protection that you desire.

Choosing your Flat Roof Waterproofing

At Building Supplies Online we supply all the materials you need to create an effective waterproof roof coating membrane. We stock EPDM membranes which as explained above are quick and economical to install. The required rubber roofing, adhesives and metal edges for installation are also included. Building Supplies Online is your one stop shop for all roof coating materials.

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