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Garden arches are the perfect addition to any homeowner’s garden.

What is a Garden Arch?

They come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes depending on each individual homeowner’s needs, preferences and tastes. For example, there are many different types of decorative trellis designs that are unique, offering a vast amount and range of choice for customers.

Therefore, each homeowner can choose a specific style and design of garden arch that is the perfect match for them and the theme of their garden, fitting in seamlessly.

Garden arches are extremely versatile features that can completely change or compliment the design and perspective of an outdoor space. Garden arches have been loved throughout history. For example, there is evidence that the Romans were extremely fond of garden arches, as shown in their mosaics.

Perhaps you are a full-time landscape gardener who is wanting to add a variety of garden arches to your designs, aiming to drastically improve the aesthetic of your client’s gardens? A proud green-fingers looking to completely transform their outdoor space for the better so that you have the most impressive garden in your area?

Our wide range of garden arches that we have available here at Building Supplies Online will provide you with all types of arches to meet your requirements and personal styles, at shockingly affordable prices.

Why Choose a Garden Arch?

  • Garden arches look beautiful paired with climbing flowers and vines such as, Wisteria, Morning Glory, Passion Flower, Leather flower and Jasmine.
  • Garden arches can also be used as a decorative feature to enhance the aesthetic of the garden, to add another dimension of interest. For example, they could be used a focal point on a walkway, adding an eye capturing feature to your outdoor space.
  • Garden arches are extremely versatile as they can also be used alongside hedges or fences, for example, to create the illusion of different entrances to a garden, allowing you to divide your garden into different sections. In particular, a garden enthusiastic or landscaper may choose to do this as it allows you to explore different styles and themed sections all within one garden.
  • For example, in one area you could have a relaxing Japanese themed garden with a small pond and azaleas, which could be used an area to wind down in. In another section you could have a Wildlife garden, which may have features such as a pond or flowers that attract butterflies such as, milkweed and buddleja.
  • This demonstrates how garden arches allow any type of garden owner to create a diverse outdoor space. Additionally, this idea can be used to hide the less attractive aspects of your garden such as, bins and washing lines. Therefore, a garden arch paired with either a hedge or fencing can make these aspects more discrete so that the rest of your outdoor space is at its top standard visually.
  • Garden arches are easy to assemble; therefore, it does not take a skilled landscaper to put one together, any one is capable of constructing one.
  • Garden arches can be used an entrance to a garden, meaning that they set the atmosphere and expectations for the rest of a garden before entering. Therefore, it is key that a garden arch makes an outstanding impression at first glance.
  • Garden arches are an essential feature in particular to a rose garden. They are the perfect feature due to the ability of the climbing flowers, such as roses, to be weaved throughout the garden arch, adding a splash of colour and romance to your garden.

How to Choose a Garden Arch?

When chooses a garden arch, there are a few factors you need to consider first so that you can decide what type is best suited to you and your outdoor space:

  • What is the reason you are buying a garden arch? Is it to add focal points within your garden, create a lasting impression at the beginning of your garden, or to separate your garden into themed sections.
  • What style of garden do you have currently or what styles would you like to include? If you already have a set style for your garden, for example a rose garden, you may want to purchase a garden arch to simply compliment the theme you already have.

Using a garden arch, you can add climbing flowers, such as roses, simply to add height and dimension to your outdoor space.

Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase a garden arch at the beginning of your garden to create an expectation for the remainder of your garden, then perhaps you may consider a prominent arch that remarkably stands out.

This garden arch may vary for each different type of homeowner with different themed gardens, as you could choose an arch that is specific to your garden with it being similar and complimentary to your chosen theme. This would provide people with a taster and insight into how the rest of your garden will look.

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