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Strainers & Chopping Boards

A Kitchen sink strainer basket is a useful gadget to have in your home.

What is a Kitchen Sink Strainer?

The sink strainer will catch any food waste rather than being washed down the plughole and blocking your waste pipes and stopping costly plumber bills to unblock the pipes. The strainer is easy to use just place over the plug and the small gaps will allow the water to go through but catches the waste. A Kitchen Basket Strainerreplaces the plug so you don’t have to worry about losing the strainer.

The Basket Strainer will come with all the parts you need to replace the plug including the strainer, washer and nuts to put the strainer into place. Installing a strainer is an easy plumbing task and will take a couple of hours. The kitchen sink strainer provide the waterproof connection between the sink and the drain pipe. To install the kitchen sink strainer you will need the sink strainer, putty, a pipe wrench and needle nose pliers. The putty assists in waterproofing the strainer to the sink. The kitchen sink strainer is very easy to maintain but over time a leak may develop between the sink and the strainer.

The sink strainer can become stained or discoloured. Always clean the sink after use so its not building up excess food and give some extra attention to the sink strainer. If your drain starts to emit an odour clean the strainer as well as the drain. Just clean the strainer with soap and water.

Choosing your Kitchen Sink Strainer

At Business Supplies online we offer the Basket Strainer Kits to enable you to easily install the strainer in the kitchen. We offer strainers in stainless steel and plastic. We also supply colanders, strainers and baskets. We have a variety of styles including square, rectangle and circular to fit in with your kitchen. We also supply the filters and recirculation kits.

Kitchen chopping boards are a must for any kitchen to help protect your kitchen surfaces and can be used as a kitchen mat.

The chopping board is used for preparing food and often made of wood and plastic. It can also used be a kitchen mat. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can also buy the chopping board or kitchen mat in glass, so can match any of your kitchen surfaces making it a stylish addition to your kitchen. A kitchen mat are easy to clean and will save your surfaces especially if you are using the serrated edge knife as this will leave marks on your kitchen surfaces so use a kitchen mat.

Wooden Chopping Boards

A Wood Chopping Board or kitchen map have advantages over plastic as they contain natural antiseptic properties. Hardwood Chopping Boards or kitchen mat are best for absorption of liquid and dirt in the surface. Plastic boards allow for harsher rinsing with cleaning materials and they come in many colours. Glass Chopping Boards are easy to clean and all knives can be used on the surface very easily.

Glass Chopping Boards

Glass also looks very stylish in a kitchen. Maintaining wooden kitchen chopping board is simple. First start by seasoning the board as this will help prevent damage. Clean the board everytime you use it and regularly season with mineral oil. Try not to contaminate a wooden chopping board by cutting meat. Use a mild soap on the chopping board to clean it.

At Building Supplies Online we stock chopping boards in Wood, Plastic and Glass by popular manufacturers

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