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Garden shears are a pair of short-handled scissor-like shears which are the perfect garden tool for box edging, clipping hedges, cutting stems and creating beautiful topiary finishes for your garden. We offer a range of garden shears at many different prices, depending on your budget.

We offer three different brands of shears so that you can find the perfect shears for you.

Garden Shears Uses

  • All of the garden shears are usable for hedges so that you can trim them to a straight and even appearance, as well as for grass if necessary.
  • They are the perfect choice of garden tools for those who like to continually maintain a beautiful garden exterior, with the ability to get a close cut so that you can trim your hedges and grass to your exact desire.
  • Garden shears are of the most used garden tools, and this is not surprising considering how many different uses they have.
  • Many of the shears offer an easy, closer cut through a combination of a non-stick wavy blade which will reduce friction and help facilitate cutting, and have also got lightweight handles and gears.
  • Wavy blades offer a better hold on more stems and branches as you cut, and are a more advanced option for those with thicker branches or hedges.

Our Range of Garden Shears

  • The addition of non-slip rubber grips on the handles helps ensure a strong grip that will reduce the risk of slipping when using and help avoid injury.
  • The non-slip rubber grips will also improve your overall comfort as they are less harsh to hold tightly.

The blades of the garden shears are constructed using high-quality carbon steel that promises longevity and is suitable for shearing borders and around trees, as well as shrubs. The blades are also rust resistant, so all shears on our website are durable pairs of garden shears to invest in.

  • All shear handles are constructed with lightweight aluminium which is lighter than all other metals such as steel, copper, iron and brass. This makes them a better material to use for handheld tools, as they are easier to handle and use for prolonged periods of time.
  • There is the option to also purchase hedge shears which are corrosive resistant, making their lifespan substantially longer than an ordinary pair of garden shears.
  • You can purchase shears on BSO that are extendable, using telescopic technology to make the handles able to extend to up to 910mm to help you reach spots that are higher and harder to reach. They have a simple slide and lock adjustment system to extend to your desired length. The extendable pairs of shears are the ideal option for those who have tall trees or hedges, and can help you avoid the necessity of step ladders to reach the top.
  • For those with a slightly larger budget, there is also the opportunity to purchase shears that include a unique gear system called PowerGear™, which can create up to three times more cutting power than the average garden shears when combined with a robust lever system.
  • These blades are easy to clean due to the non-stick PTFE blade coating, and the FibreComp™ handles are lightweight and hard-wearing.

Garden Shears Benefits

  • They are the ideal option for your garden if you’re wanting to trim the less accessible areas on your hedges, both high and low so you can avoid using a stepladder or having to continually bend over, so you can reduce the risk of injuring or straining yourself. This makes them the perfect option especially for older people who may specifically want to avoid anything that could strain their muscles or back.
  • Some of the shears have an innovative telescopic extension system included in the handle which makes the shears more practical and is constructed to ensure easy on the spot operation.
  • Garden shears are an inexpensive yet essential investment as a garden tool. They have a long life span, with a guarantee of at least five years of use, meaning that you will really get your money’s worth with your usage of the shears.
  • Regularly pruning your hedges, plants and grass can prevent diseases, keep an elegant and regimented shape, and encourage flowers to bloom, ensuring you have a brag-worthy garden to show off to your friends and families.
  • Garden shears are so essential to keep your garden looking kept and neat, and can make the job a lot easier than using other tools such as lawnmowers for trimming the grass. They give you more freedom to neaten your garden, being able to make the individual choice with each branch you cut exactly how you want to. 

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  1. Draper Soft Grip Straight Edge Garden Shears - 190mm
    Draper Soft Grip Straight Edge Garden Shears - 190mm
  2. Draper Lopper, Shears and Secateurs Set
    Draper Lopper, Shears and Secateurs Set
  3. Draper Straight Edge Garden Shears With Ash Handles - 230mm
    Draper Straight Edge Garden Shears With Ash Handles - 230mm
  4. Draper Garden Shears with Ash Handles 230mm - All Styles
    Draper Garden Shears with Ash Handles 230mm - All Styles
  5. Draper 7.2V Cordless Grass and Hedge Shear Kit
    Draper 7.2V Cordless Grass and Hedge Shear Kit
  6. Image For Fiskars PowerGear™ Hedge Shears HS72
    Fiskars HS86 SmartFit™ Telescopic Hedge Shears
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