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Bath Panels

Bath Panels

Explore our range of Bath Panels from industry leading bathroom brands.

Bath Panels help you coordinate your bath with the rest of your bathroom appliances and bathroom décor. This fixed look provides a luxurious aesthetic and helps conceal unsightly plumbing and pipework.

Before Fitting your Bath Panels

Before choosing your new bath panels, make sure you have measured where they will be fitted so that you get the right size. Bath panels are available in several shapes and sizes to fit different baths, this is why the measurements are important. Depending on the position of your bath you may well need two bath panels, one for the side of the bath and one for the end of the bath.

If both ends are exposed then you will need two end bath panels. Bath panels are made to fit curved baths, corner baths and baths with a shaped end for showering. Most bath panels are white to match your bathroom suite. Coloured versions are increasing in popularity, so there will be something for every classic or modern bathroom.

Obviously, the plastic type bath panels are going to be more economical and easier to handle due to the weight of them. They can usually be trimmed to size too, which can be handy if you have an awkward size to fit, or pipework to accommodate. Heavier wood bath panels are more luxurious and will be treated to ensure water resistance, which is important in a bathroom.

You can purchase separately a sealing strip that the bath panel will sit upon to prevent water ingress from the base, ensuring it has a long lifespan.

The main object of bath panels is that they hide all the plumbing and underside of the bath from view and finish off your bath neatly. Some lighter weight construction bath panels will need a framework to be attached to. If you are simply replacing an old panel, chances are the framework will be reusable. The lighter weight bath panels tend to be made from plastic, whereas the more premium bath panels tend to be wood, painted a gloss white.

Installing a Bath Panel will help you blend your bath seamlessly with the rest of your bathroom furniture. This will create a stylish and clean look in your bathroom. Not only do Bath Panels look great they also hide any unsightly plumbing. 

That being said, Bath Panels aren’t for any bath. Depending on what type of bath you have you may not need them. For example if you have a free standing or slipper bath that isn’t inset a bath panel probably isn’t for you.

Our Bath Panel Brands

We offer Bath Panels from the following brands;

  • Armitage Shanks
  • Roca
  • Hudson Reed
  • Aquamist
  • Ideal Standard
  • Hawk & Beck
  • Britton
  • Bayswater

These quality brands are carefully sourced and selected for their high-quality bath panels.

As well as this, these brands offer all different shapes and sizes of Bath Panels. This means that when you are designing your bathroom you can go for any shape and size and we will have a bath panel for you. When browsing our bath panels be sure to consider the style you want to bring to your bathroom.

Choosing your Bath Panel

A straight bath usually will require one side bath panel and, in some cases, a shorter end bath panel. Adding a bath panel to your bath is a great way of making it stand out without having to break the bank.

Our range includes different colours, finishes, offering wooden textures to white glossy coatings. This is so you can create the look you desire in your bathroom, whether it be traditional or modern. Most homeowners match their bath colour to the rest of their bathroom furniture to create a beautifully harmonised look.

The different finishes include;

  • Acrylic - providing a durable and quality finish
  • Wood - add a style and warmth to your bathroom
Bath panels also have the option of fitting tiles to them, we offer a range of bath panels that are ready to tile. Our bath panels come in a variety of sizes to suit compact baths or larger baths such as corner baths.

Not only do bath panels help a bath look complete, they are very practical. For example, you can use a bath panel to hide pipework or to ensure water doesn't get underneath the bath. This helps prevent costly damages to your bathroom.

How to Fit Bath Panels

Fitting your Bath Panel is relatively simple if you follow these few steps.

  1. Start by cutting down the Bath Panel to the size of your bath
  2. Slot a piece of batten under each Bath Panel
  3. Ensure your Bath Panel is straight - use a spirit level for this
  4. Fit your Bath Panel to your bath

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Bath panels also have the option of fitting tiles to them, we offer a range of bath panels that are ready to tile. Our bath panels come in a variety of sizes to suit compact baths or larger baths such as corner baths.

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