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Explore our extensive range of Internal Glazed Doors, suitable for both traditional and contemporary interior styles.

All our glazed doors are competitively priced. These Internal Glazed Doors are built for added strength, stability and durability. A lot of our internal glazed doors come with a 10-year warranty. Do please see individual interior glass doors for information on warranty status. UK nationwide delivery available.

If you'd like more help on internal glazed doors take a look at our page on 'Ways to Bring Natural Light into You Home'

At Building Supplies Online we pride ourselves on knowing we have one of the largest selections in the UK for Internal Glazed Doors. These are from top UK quality manufacturers including:

Why Internal Glazed Doors?

Internal glazed doors offer many great advantages to your home. Such as brightening up rooms, creating unique looks to creating privacy for your chosen space all complete with safety glass.

Following the increase of glass playing a large role in recent architecture design projects it’s no wonder that this has been resembled. Therefore the insertion of interior glass doors seeing a big increase in homes. As we know there is the benefit of added light from one room to the next particularly in smaller spaces as it accentuates space. Hence, why interior glass doors have been popular in flats and apartments for many years now as it will give the illusion of space. Interior glass doors look stunning in an open plan design when used as an entry point.

As well though as these points, glass interior doors will bring rooms together. This is because you of course see through to the next room which an added advantage is if you have young children.

A brilliant safety aspect is a having glass interior doors onto a kitchen. This is because when cooking you can keep an eye on your young children but be in the safety of knowing they cannot enter when you have the hob or oven on.

Interior glass doors are great for decreasing acoustic levels as glass reflects sound. Particularly great for lounge interior glass doors work well where you may have a TV or sound system. making your space a sound insulated zone especially when you already have glazed windows in place.

Also known as Interior Glass Doors, these glazed options have been popular for a long time. Interior glass doors have become desirable due to manufacturers improving their designs. These interior glass doors look stunning in a room such as a dining room, lounge, kitchen. Any area where you are looking to increase light and don't require privacy.

A door should quite rightly now be a feature to any room. Choosing the right interior glass doors are not anymore just a necessity but a fun project and something to be proud of. Either in a single, double or even a treble interior glass door format, interior glass doors will last you for years. They also bring so much joy to your chosen room.

Internal glazed doors enable you to create privacy without closing off rooms completely. You still having the option of creating a separate room if you want to create a quieter space and to hide clutter. Internal glazed doors are available in various designs including;

  • Patterned glass
  • Clear glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Traditional stained-glass panelling

Internal glazed doors also come as fully glazed internal doors or half glazed internal doors. Our doors are available in a variety of finishes. Unfinished allows you to paint or stain your door to the colour and finish exactly to your needs at home. Primed where only one coat of paint or stain will be required or pre-finished meaning the door is completely ready to install.

Our Internal glazed doors come in a choice of either a smooth or grained finish to the touch and in many different widths, lengths and heights. You will also find a selection of bi-fold internal glazed doors and sets of doubles or pairs of doors perfect for any room. They really offsets your room and becomes a beautiful and interesting feature.

What are Glazed Doors?

Glazed doors can be both Internal and External doors but will feature a window in the door. This piece of glazing can be transparent or opaque and will add to the aesthetic appeal of the door.

What does primed door mean?

Priming a glass panel interior door is essential. When you prime a door, you seal the wood and make the final finish easier. A lot of doors come primed but always check the product description for all details.

What does white primed doors mean?

A primed door is one that has been pre-primed for you so that you can go ahead and paint the door yourself. Often or not a door is primed in white, allowing you to have an empty canvas. Most of our white glazed internal doors are white primed.

Choosing your Internal Glazed Door

With so many styles of internal glazed doors to choose it can be confusing and difficult to know where to start. Knowing your budget is a good starting point as internal glazed doors come in a wide range of prices. Our Interior glazed doors prices ranges from £100.

Many of internal glazed doors have matching internal doors both glazed and unglazed. You don't need to compromise on the look you want to create throughout your home. So, if you are after an internal glazed door for your kitchen but a plain unglazed door for your lounge you can continue your design. We have a selection of wooden internal glazed doors such as oak internal glazed doors and walnut internal glazed doors.

Wooden doors are very popular due to their traditional, warming look and beautiful finishes. We have a great range of wooden interior glass doors to choose from here at Building Supplies Online. These include both, classic and modern contemporary designs.

White panelled interior glass doors are also the choice for many people. Especially for hallways as white internal interior glass doors allow light to flood through. The whiteness of the door enhances the light reflection.

We also have a range of stunning fashionable and sleek looking doors of which will allow your doorway to become a stunning feature to your room. These are available in a variety of colours such as ivory, light grey, dark grey and chocolate grey, all of which are very much currently on trend.

Our style of Internal glazed doors come in stunning simple designs, shaker styles, classic and in a popular retro detailing style. Some of our Internal glazed doors are also available in fire door options for further peace of mind and increased safety. Please see individual glass interior doors for fire resistant information.

Glass Panel Doors

Our range of glass panel doors come in various styles. These include clear, frosted, opaque or etched glass. They are also available in half glazed internal door styles as well as a fully glazed internal door glass. Of course, the longer the pane of glass or the more panels you have within your internal glazed door will optimise light flow.

The internal glazed doors are available in many sizes. These fit most door frames however if you do have a door frame of which is large or small then we also have some of our doors available in bespoke sizes. Our internal glazed doors result in stunning entrance ways throughout your house. They add character and enabling you to create a specific, unique appearance. Whether you decide to use classic panelled doors or are opting for a modern and contemporary design you will be delighted in your new choice.

How to Install your Glass Panel Doors

Once you have chosen your Glass Panel Doors from our selection why not browse our door accessories. These include:

  • Door handles
  • Architraves
  • Frames
  • Skirting

Everything you need to customise and install your new door is in our door accessories section. Any advice you need on installing your Glass Panel Doors you can get from our experts on live chat or on the phone.

Where to Buy Glass Panel Doors?

Right here of Course! With over 400 different Glass Panel Doors to choose from and from prices as low as £81.29 there really is nowhere better to browse the Glass Panel Doors. If you have any questions regarding our range of Internal glazed doors please feel free to give us a call. Join us on live chat where of course we will be happy to help. Alternatively, use our Building Supplies Online standard door sizes guide.

White Glazed Internal Doors

Our range of White Glazed Internal Doors are a combination of contemporary and traditional style doors. Starting with the glazing itself. Our White Glazed Internal Doors have both obscured and transparent glazing. The style and size of the glass vary from door to door.

In our White Glazed Internal Doors range we have doors which mainly consist of glass. These doors are more applicable to houses with open plan designs, as they make everything seem open and accessible. In contrast to this, some of our White Glazed Internal Doors have a little amount of glass in them. Often consisting of smaller squares placed in a pattern across the door. These are both aesthetically pleasing to look at, as well as keeping some privacy behind the door.

Some of our White Glazed Internal Doors even have more abstract shaped glass, to suit a more unique household. This offers you a wide range of White Glazed Internal Doors, allowing you to find the style which suits you. Looking away from the glass and more at the door, our White Glazed Internal Doors come in various shapes and sizes. Along with this, we offer bi-fold White Glazed Internal Doors and also double White Glazed Internal Doors.

All of our White Glazed Internal Doors are supplied by 5 door manufacturers. These manufacturers have been supplying the UK's door market for years. Their standards of products continue to increase. Their White Glazed Internal Doors are no exception in their standards. They constantly show the quality design behind the doors. We have upwards of White Glazed Internal Doors available for purchase today. So dive into our wide range and find the door which best suits your style of home.

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