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JB Kind Doors


Explore our range of quality doors from industry-leading brand JB Kind Doors

JB Kind doors are made from the finest and strongest materials. Depending on your preferred JB Kind door style, materials include the best legal wood sourced from the international forestry stewardship council certification. This ensures that the wood is sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Our Range of JB Kind Doors

JB Kind doors fit in perfectly with the quality expected from Building Supplies Online. They are great value for money as well as environmentally friendly. Whatever the style you require, JB Kind has the door for you, with many individual and unique designs. Each door possesses lines and grooves to add texture and character. Have a designer door without the designer price.

With both externally and internally suitable designs, each JB Kind door holds the features necessary for you to have the perfect door in any room, for any situation. Door styles range from,

  • External
  • Cottage
  • Contemporary
  • Classic 
  • Shaker

With finishing touches such as, a variety of pain options, veneered and glazed if you so wish! With a variety of sizes and prices, JB Kind doors are ensured to have the ideal door for you, with so many options, styles and prices to choose from.

Choosing your JB Kind Doors

As well as being amazing value for money, JB Kind doors are extremely versatile designs and perfect for any home, whether your home is modern or has a more cottage-like feel to it. Notably, how could you not choose JB Kind doors? With their 150 years being the leading door brand in the UK, using the finest wood and finest materials, use JB Kind doors, because surely you want the best for your home.

JB Kind doors are known for their innovative approaches to door designs, manufacturing and distribution of their amazing and subtlely unique doors. The most amazing feature when purchasing a JB Kind door is that you really can tailor the door to fit exactly with what you are looking for, instead of settling with whatever you can find. You can choose from;

  • Thickness
  • Type
  • Style
  • Door options
  • Door face
  • Finish
  • Glazing 
  • Colour 
  • Size 
  • Construction. 

The range of JB Kind door styles is so vast. They have every kind of door you could possibly need.

For your more rustic rooms, JB Kind doors have Edwardian style doors. JB Kind has smoother, more modern doors with simple straight lines for your modern, minimalistic, and stylish rooms.

Bathroom doors, living room doors, pantry doors, kitchen doors, bedroom doors and even front doors. Every door to meet your opening and closing desires, with thickness tailored to your wants and needs, depending on the climate of where you live a thicker or thinner door could determine how warm or cold your home will be, and you have the control.

Why JB Kind?

As mentioned before, JB Kind doors has 150 years of experience behind them. Within that time, they have been met with every kind of problem and therefore have the knowledge and know-how to keep you satisfied and troubleshoot anything that may come their way.

JB Kind is the door designed by you and made for you to keep you happy. There is nowhere more experienced or more perfect to purchase your new door. So next time you need a new door JB Kind are the door manufacturers you should have in mind, being that the door you want is perfect and wonderfully installed, and you want all your needs met, remember JB Kind.

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