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Explore our range of Bricks for sale from brands including Ibstock & London Brick Company.

Bricks are a building material, traditionally made from clay but nowadays may be composed of concrete and other materials. There are many types and sizes of bricks. Originally bricks were air dried, now most bricks are fired which results in a strong, long lasting brick.

The most popular types of bricks for the building trade are engineered bricks which are strong,dense and have a low water absorption rate, common or building bricks that are for internal structure building and not seen, and facing bricks that are designed for the outside of walls as they are clean and smart for a great facade to buildings, especially houses.

Different colours of bricks are more popular in some parts of the country, and if you are applying for planning permission it is worth checking what colour brick is predominate locally. Red bricks are common in the north and London, orange bricks for sale are popular in Lincolnshire, cream and yellow bricks are often used in Cambridgeshire and London, blue bricks are used in the Midlands.

There are several manufacturing types for bricks, extruded bricks are made using a steel die making them a regular size and shape, moulded bricks are shaped in moulds by hand, rather than by machine and dry pressed bricks are made the traditional way of squeezing clay into moulds to produce a brick with a frog.

Most bricks have a flat side and a side with a frog, the frogged side is to help the mortar get a good grip, for a strong wall. When working with bricks it is advisable to open several packs to work from alternately as this will ensure a good colour mix and avoid bands of colour forming. When you finish working for the day ensure that any bricks and any freshly laid brickwork are covered to protect them from the weather.


The Ibstock Building Bricks and House Bricks range starts with their Ibstock Tradesman Heather Brick (65mm) 400 Pack of Cheap Bricks through to the Ibstock Funton Second Hard Stock Brick 65mm 500 pack Buff coloured stock brick.

Building Supplies Online has a wide range of Cheap Bricks for sale starting with our own brand Solid Dense 100mm 7.3N Concrete Brick. Our concrete brick is an industry standard building brick and can be delivered throughout the UK. We also stock 4 other main Building Brick and House Brick manufacturers enabling us to provide Cheap Bricks for all your building needs.

What are common bricks?

Although they might not be cheap bricks, Facing Bricks and Engineered Bricks are some of the most common bricks you will come across and some of the most popular.

How many bricks are in a pallet UK?

There is no set amount of bricks per pallet in the UK. The number of bricks you get per pallet will change depending on a lot of variables such as quality, size and manufacturer. Here at Building Supplies Online, a pallet of our bricks for sale can range between 300 to 500.

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