Roof Windows

Roof Windows

Roof Windows

We are proud to offer the largest selection of roof windows online including the full range of VELUX Windows

Roof windows are a great way to add light to your home. We offer a range of designs. These include automated and manual openings. We offer a range of sizes and prices to suit all budgets and projects, you are guaranteed to find the right roof window for you.

The interest in roof windows and skylights, especially VELUX Windows has really increased over recent years. Roof windows enable you to create new rooms in your home. They are a must have when doing a pitched roof project, especially when doing a loft conversion as they really do bring light into to your home.

Roof windows reduce the need for artificial lighting, as well as providing ventilation and are energy efficient. They achieve all of this while bringing to life roof spaces that would otherwise be unusable. Building Supplies Online offer an extensive catalogue of leading UK roof windows manufacturers. The brand leader in pitched roof windows is VELUX Windows.

Our dedicated team can help and advise you. Please feel free to give us a call or join us on live chat where we will, of course, be happy to help you when choosing from our selection of roof windows.

Finding the Best Roof Windows

Before choosing your VELUX Windows you need to consider how much daylight you would like. Also which direction you would like the daylight to come from.

Choose from our 3 VELUX Windows options

  • Centre Pivot
  • Top Hung
  • Integra

Choose from our 3 VELUX Windows finishes

  • White Painted Pine Wood
  • White Polyurethane
  • Natural Pine

VELUX are an established and well-known manufacturer of roof windows with an enviable reputation. They use the latest technology for insulation and automation. This works with smart home technology, maximises solar power plus great designs, it's no wonder VELUX windows have such a big market share.

All Roof Windows carry benefits. These benefits are accentuated with VELUX's extensive range. Everything from the materials used, the craftsmanship and the design of the windows is industry leading and cutting edge. VELUX Windows understand their customers and genuinely care about how their products fit and work in your home.

We stock the complete VELUX Windows range because we believe that VELUX Windows are some of the best roof windows on offer and so do our customers. When you handle, install and use a VELUX product you know there is no compromise made. VELUX Windows come in many different styles and sizes. All with flashing kits that are proven to work and keep your VELUX Window secure and watertight. VELUX have incorporated technology all aimed at improving your user experience. Examples include;

  • Indoor Climate control
  • Smoke ventilation systems
  • Solar or electrically powered windows

VELUX Windows do not just produce excellent windows but the whole experience and usage of that window are also catered for. When you buy a VELUX Window you know that not only are you buying the best, but you are covered for everything from remote controls to balconies. Shop our range of VELUX roof windows today to find out more!

The Benefits of VELUX Roof Windows

VELUX roof windows are an established and well-known manufacturer of roof windows. They use the latest technology for insulation and automation. This works with smart home technology, maximises solar power plus great designs, it's no wonder VELUX windows have such a big market share.

Types of Roof Windows

Roof windows are the ideal solution to brighten your home, with many people using roof windows to bring light into converted lofts or to brighten dark top floor rooms which have sloping ceilings they can utilise.

Other converted spaces such as en-suites can also be transformed with roof windows. Flat roof extensions can benefit from a range of roof windows, such as skylights or roof lanterns for those with a bigger area. Sun Tunnels can also bring in a much-needed light where a skylight is not practical.

When choosing from our roof windows selection you will want to consider the operating usage too. Solar powered windows are increasing in popularity as they are easy, time and cost effective to install. There is a need for expensive contractors due to the elimination of electrics to install.

The solar-powered windows are pre-installed with a hidden motor and come with a fully programmable remote. This operates individual or groups of roof windows, blinds and roller shutters anywhere in the building. Solar roof windows just require exposure to direct sunlight.

Roof windows fitted to a pitched roof can be centre pivoted, top hung, or side hung. They feature an automated opening if required via electric or solar power operation. Balcony and roof terrace windows are a wonderful way to transform a room such as our VELUX Twin Roof Terrace Windows.

Roof windows are perfect where an increase of space is required. This as well as natural light in normally limited rooms and of course, adding the wow factor. Smoke ventilation roof windows that allow for rooms to reduce condensation are also available.

Take your time to explore the many types of roof windows we have available, there are many options to choose from. Homeowners can find a great roof window solution to transform their home and chosen living space.

Whether you are a building contractor fitting on behalf of a client or a homeowner, we are happy to help with any queries you may have. Nationwide UK delivery is available with many VELUX windows available on Next Day Delivery.

After you have made your selection from our roof windows range why not browse our roof windows accessories. These include;

  • Dimming blinds
  • Black-out blinds
  • Security locks
  • Opening restrictions
  • Wind deflectors

VELUX Rooflights

A roof window is a great solution for bringing natural light into your home. At Building Supplies Online we are proud to offer VELUX rooflights. VELUX rooflights are a leading UK manufacturer for windows and roof windows in particular. You can be confident that if you choose VELUX rooflights from our range then you will be installing a high quality window. They are specifically designed to be installed in a roof to optimise the light coming into your home.

Roof windows are ideal for loft or attic rooms, or other rooms with slanted roofs, where the wall space does not allow for a regular window. They can also be a great solution for flat roofed rooms, conservatories, and so on. Any room where you want to bring more natural light into the room to help create a light, fresh atmosphere.

Our range of VELUX rooflights includes VELUX rooflights that are suitable for all kinds of sloping or flat roofs. You can choose VELUX rooflights with the frame design and opening mechanism to suit the style of your room.

Choosing your VELUX Rooflights

When choosing your VELUX rooflights you will need to make a number of decisions to ensure you get the right VELUX rooflights for your home.

What kind of opening mechanism is best for your room?

Our range includes VELUX rooflights with a centre pivot opening mechanism. Perfect if you prefer a smaller window opening when the VELUX rooflights are open. This might be preferable if you have young children or pets, and are concerned about safety. This feature of centre pivot VELUX rooflights also makes them the choice if you are concerned about security. This is because the small window opening means they offer greater resistance to burglary. If you prefer a wider window opening then you can choose from our range of top hung VELUX rooflights or side hung VELUX rooflights. These can be opened completely to allow greater airflow into your room.

What type of frame best suits the style of your home?

Our range includes VELUX rooflights with natural pine frames if you prefer a more traditional look to your windows. Alternatively you can choose VELUX rooflights with a modern polyurethane casing. This gives your windows a modern white look. VELUX rooflights with this designed finish offer improved insulation and resistance to moisture. They are low maintenance and easy to clean.

We also offer conservation VELUX rooflights. This is for where local conservation regulations place restrictions of the appearance of your home. Our conservation VELUX rooflights are designed to sit flush with the roof. They are finished in black with a centre bar to match the style of traditional windows. They offer the insulation and maintenance advantages of modern windows.

In addition to our roof windows for sloping roofs we also offer roof windows for flat roofs. Our flat roof window range includes flat roof VELUX rooflights with all kinds of opening mechanism. We offer flat or domed finishes, as well as eye catching roof lanterns. These are ideal for conservatories and gazebos where they flood your room with natural light. We offer VELUX rooflights sun lanterns that can help bring natural light into darker spaces inside your home. The specially designed tubing that maximises the flow of light.

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