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Installation Products

Installation Products

Installation Products are crucial agents of ensuring energy-efficiency and durability. VELUX offer a range of flashing and installation products to aid a simple and safe installation. Installation products offer a variety of benefits, from weather protection to draft reduction.

Window installation products that we stock include the velux window vapour barrier, the velux underfelt collar, the velux insulation collar, the velux frame fixing kit for roof material amongst others.

The Velux window vapour barrier prevents warm air from entering your roof space. This creates an air-tight seal preventing condensation build up and preventing heat loss. The Velux window vapour barrier is easy to install and is made of polyethylene.

The Velux underfelt collar ensures a fast connection between the Velux Roof window and the roofing felt/membrane. It helps to protect against drafts and wind driven rain and snow around the window installation. It comes as one piece which makes for easy fitting, especially around the window corners. The transverse drainage gutter included also prevents any water ingress around the roof opening caused by missing or broken slates or tiles above the window. The velux underfelt collar is made of polypropylene and galvanised steel drainage gutter.

The Velux insulation collar reduces heat loss by eliminating thermal bridges between the window and your roof structure, it also comes with Velux underfelt collar. The Velux insulation collar sits between the roof structure and the window frame and insulates the gap between the two which reduces heat loss. Click fittings ensure fast and accurate assembly.

The Velux frame fixing kit for roof material is the perfect way to get a tidy finish and is made out of steel.

If you would like additional information regarding our range of window installation products do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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