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Explore our range of Urinals from industry leading brands including Armitage Shanks & Ideal Standard

Explore our concise range of Urinals from well known worldwide brands including, Armitage Shanks, Twyford and Ideal Standard.

Specifically designed with commercial bathrooms in mind, urinals are an important fixture in any busy washroom environment. A urinal is a sanitary plumbing fixture for urination only and are installed in a standing position for the convenience of male users. Urinals made for commercial and domestic environments are designed to establish a more spacious and hygienic washroom, and reduce overall water consumption. Installing a urinal will reduce the water usage of a traditional toilet by approximately 50% resulting in a welcoming reduction in water bills. Installing a urinal will use around half the water of a traditional toilet, this will not only reduce overall water consumption but will also reduce water bills.

Quality is key when considering the installation of a urinal. A Urinal is a high usage fitment suitable for high traffic environments such as public toilets, schools, offices and hotels, therefore requiring high levels of operation over the day. We only supply the best urinals from trusted sanity ware experts such as Armitage Shanks, RAK and Twyford so you can be assured of quality and reliability with each purchase.

We have assembled a comprehensive range of urinals from waterless urinals through to bucket urinals and against the wall urinals . Bucket urinals remain universally popular due to the convenient and hygiene-conscious design. The bucket urinal is installed up off the ground and is held in suspension against the bathroom wall, making it accessible and extremely easy to clean. With a concealed cistern to hide pipework, bucket urinals combine practicality with a pleasing aesthetic.

Recent advances in technology have resulted in the design and development of waterless urinals. Quickly become popular, waterless urinals have parallel functionality to standard urinals, just without water. Waterless urinals are a great way of lessening your water usage, reducing incidents of urinal odours and overflows and present a great way to save on water bills.

Our urinals are available in variety of sizes and projections so that any size of cloakroom or washroom can be suitably catered for. We also offer a selection of flush pipes, spreaders, replacement cartridges and strainer wastes, so the ongoing maintenance of your urinal can be carried out effectively.

Choosing your Urinal

A selection of our Urinals have high edges to reduce splashing by up to 90%, this reduces contamination on users clothes and surroundings. Urinals can greatly benefit users who may have mobility issues, this is because it's often easier to stand up out of a wheelchair.

We offer a wide variety of urinals from bucket and against the wall urinals to waterless urinals. The bucket urinals are the most popular type of urinal and are available in a number of different shapes and designs. The bucket urinal sits up off the ground and suspends against the bathroom wall, making it easily accessible and easy to clean. A bucket urinal has a concealed cistern to hide any unsightly plumbing or pipework to give a clean, sophisticated look.

Over recent years technology has evolved and waterless urinals have quickly become popular, these work just as well in a home as they do in a hotel, restaurant or workplace. Waterless urinals carry out the same functions normal urinals do, just without water. Waterless urinals are a great way of cutting down your water usage even more, eliminate urinal odours and overflows. Our urinals are a great space saving solution and come in a variety of sizes and projections making them great for small cloakrooms or en-suites. They also come in a white finish to give the illusion of more space and a cleaner appeal.

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