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Urinals offer an environmentally friendly way to accommodate multiple users in an efficient, speedy and hygienic manner without wasting precious water resources. Modern water-free urinals are even more friendly to the environment as they use virtually no water.

Our Range

Anyone attending an event with large numbers of attendees such as a football match, the theatre or a concert cannot help but have noticed the seemingly never-ending queues outside the women's toilets. The lack of similar queues outside the men's toilets is a tribute to the efficiency of male Urinals and their ability to process large numbers of users within a short timescale with minimum waste of precious water resources compared to the use of sit down, individual flush toilets in Women's facilities.

Among the Urinals for Sale on our website are classic designs from Armitage Shanks and Twyford. They not only sell different styles of Urinals that are durable and easy clean but they also sell many of the other fittings needed to install a functioning urinal system such as;

  • Flush pipes
  • Wall hangers for the bowls
  • Auto-flush systems 
  • Electronic flush control systems.

Making a Choice

One of the major factors in choosing which Urinals to buy will be cost, not only the purchase cost but also taking account of the life expectancy of the product, its ongoing maintenance costs and the ease with which it can be cleaned. Our comprehensive range of Urinals UK is mainly produced by industry leaders such as Armitage Shanks who understand the need for product longevity and offer a staggering one hundred years warranty.

Though urinal systems have become increasingly efficient in minimising the use of water resources, it is now possible to install water-free Urinals such as the Armitage Shanks Aridian Bowl Waterless Urinal or the RAK Waterless Urinal System. These have a cartridge that costs less than £40 and lasts two years.

Urinals are easy to install, durable, long-lasting and efficient in their use of natural resources. They are the most cost-effective way to manage the toilet requirements of large numbers of men gathered in the same place in a fast and hygienic manner.

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