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Squaring Off Kit

Patios are an easy way to add an interesting and varied feature to your garden. Patios are often made to create a standout design in your garden that is tough, long lasting and attractive in your garden or outdoor area, and a patio can be designed in practically any shape, colour or size.

Choosing your Squaring Off Kit

Not only is it a great decorative touch, but a patio is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing, as it can be used to create a flat stable surface in your garden which is perfect for outdoor furnishings such as seating, which is great if your garden has a lot of uneven surfaces which is inconvenient to you. A Paving Circle is one type of design you may consider incorporating into your patio, as a Paving Circle adds an interesting and varied feature to any design. A Paving Circle is easy to install, as it is typically sold as part of a Circular Patio Kit. These Patio Kits typically contain all the slabs you need to create your Paving Circle, and many Patio Kits will also contain Squaring Off Kits. Squaring Off Kits typically contain the slabs needed to incorporate your Paving Circle into more square designs. You may be able to do this without the Squaring Off Kits, but the Squaring Off Kits offer ease as it means you will not have to cut the slabs yourself to fit around the Paving Circle.

Squaring Off Kits v Circle Kits

Squaring Off Kits are great for when designing your Patio Circle, as some people may opt to install the Paving Circle as a standalone feature, meanwhile others might choose to incorporate their Paving Circle into a larger area, the Squaring Off Kits offer ease if this is the case for you. On our website we have a large range of Paving Circle options, many of them which come with Squaring Off Kits, a Circular Patio Kit can be a great option for you.

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