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Canadian lumber standard white wood timber is usually of C16 grade commonly known as CLS timber, it is usually sourced from spruce or Nordic wood. It is high strength and low fire risk. CLS timber is mostly used for indoor work on stud and partition walls, especially when changing the layout of a property and putting up additional non-load bearing stud walls or boxing in unsightly pipework or cabling.

Choosing your CLS Timber

CLS timber is not recommended for outdoor or below ground work unless you buy already treated timber or treat with a suitable preservative. CLS timber is available in a wide range of sizes so there will be something for every building project. CLS timber has rounded edges and is planed on all sides for an easy to handle smooth surface which helps avoid splinters. CLS timber is kiln dried to remove moisture for a lighter easier to manage timber but as this is a natural timber supplies product this will expand and contract with variations in room temperature and humidity.

CLS timber and other timber supplies are available from Building Supplies Online in many shapes and sizes making for less cutting work when you can buy the size required. Online timber supplies are responsibly sourced and are an easy way to choose timber supplies from the comfort of your own home.

A metal stud wall can also be used for partition walls - they have some advantages over CLS timber stud walls with the metal work being fireproof and rotproof. Metal stud walls can get rusty so some ventilation will be needed but metal stud wall material is lighter than CLS timber, so easier to transport, work with and store.

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