Patio Circle Kits

The Circular Patio kit and Paving Kits help add a focal point to the centre of any garden area and with our selection of garden patio slabs and Garden Paving we can help you achieve that swirling, spacious effect for you to enjoy and relax in.

A Circular Patio Kit will help you create the finishing touch to your Garden project and have that unique look you desire and will be proud of for years to come.

Choosing your Patio Circle Kit 

The Circular Patio kit range of patio slabs comes in a variety of sizes and different shades which, while adding a striking contrast to each other brings out a uniform colour to the overall effect of your Garden Paving project.

The reasons to buy our Circular Patio kit and Paving Kits is simple

  • Ethically sourced Garden Paving kits and Patio Slabs
  • Multiple colour choices for your Garden Paving Circular Patio Kit project
  • Circular Patio Kit Squaring-off kits are available for all Garden Paving Kits
  • Our Circular Patio kit and paving kits are Guaranteed for 12 months

Fitting your Patio Circle Kit

Riven Harena Circles come in three subtle colour tones and Corner infills are available to seamlessly incorporate your circular patio kit into larger patio areas.
The Heritage Garden Circle Patio Kit is Britain’s most popular Garden paving finish. The traditional riven stone finish allows you to blend the Garden Paving Patio Slabs with almost any garden setting,

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