External Doors

External Doors


Explore our range of quality Front Doors  & External Doors designed to enhance your home and security.

Whether you’re building a new home, replacing your front door or planning for doors to your garden, we offer a variety of external doors to suit your home.

Replacing external doors is an great opportunity to refresh your home. They enhance your properties character and improve weather protection and home safety.

Our Range of Front Doors

The choices available now for external doors is extensive. Whether you're looking for a functional door or looking to invest in an impressive door, we have a selection of external doors for every use in the home.

External door considerations include style, durability and security features. It’s worth taking time to research and compare external door. This is to make sure your choice not only matches your home style but also is the best value for your budget.

The style and design of front doors is an important consideration. It allows you to add personality into your home and make your home more inviting.

Buying a new front door gives you an opportunity to make the best first impression to your home. With so many different styles of front doors to choose from, you’re sure to find a front door to suit your needs.

Your Front Door is visible to the world outside and the private interior of your home. It is important to buy one that will reflect your personality in the best way. Choosing a Front Door from our range guarantees great quality and style, as well as fantastic low trade prices that won’t break the bank.

Our Front Door designs include modern and traditional designs. These include a range of classic colours to complement your home. Whether you want a solid wooden Front Door, sleek contemporary design or one with glazed panels, we have everything you made to make a statement.

Front Door Design

The design you choose for your front door can set the tone for your home. A modern home can offer many options of making a style statement and changing the look and feel in quite a dramatic way.

Choosing a classic or traditional front door would lead to an expectation of a traditional interior. For example a complete Georgian look could be created with the right internal fittings and furnishings. A really modern front door design, on the same house, would set a completely different scene. With complimenting interior design, it would be hard to believe it could be the same one.

Traditional homes call for traditional front doors. We offer choice for natural wood or a painted front door will still have a significant impact on the first impression of your home. Painted choices could be striking colours such as a classic red front door or a more subtle colour such as dove grey or sage green.

Our front door range offers an extensive choice of different front doors. The options available include an extensive variety of materials, styles, and prices.

We are confident there will be a front door that meets your needs. To help you to choose the right front door for your home you might consider some of the hints in our guide to choosing your front door. Along with our range of front doors, we also sell elegant sidelights to compliment certain ranges.

Choosing your Front Doors

Make getting a quality front door your number one priority. A quality front door is essential. So that you have a product that is durable, offers security for your home, and provides sufficient insulation to keep your home warm in cold weather.

So take care to select a front door that is made from the best materials that are suitable for your home. Choose a front door that is constructed to high standards to ensure it will keep out both potential intruders and the bad weather. The Building Supplies Online front door and external door ranges includes choices at a range of price points. So no matter your budget you should find a quality front door that will provide excellent value.

Make sure the style and material of your front door meets restrictions for your home and your area. If your home is a listed or period building, or if it is in a conservation area there may be constraints on what you can add to your home. Also what developments are permitted.

You may be required to ensure that your home matches the style of neighbouring homes and properties. This might include the style of your front door. You should check what if any restrictions apply to external doors in your home so that you choose a front door that fits in with those requirements.

Remember that your front door is the first thing that visitors will see, and something you will meet everyday when you return to your home. So make sure you choose a front door that helps your home look its best to create a welcoming first impression. And make sure that you are happy with the look your front door adds to your home as well.

If you have a modern home then you will want to choose a modern style of front door. Whereas if your home has a traditional appearance you will want a traditional style of front door to match as well.Modern Front Doors are taking the market by storm. Traditional doors are still available however Modern Front Doors are beginning to have new innovative styles. Combining different shapes and sizes, with a variety of attractive colours, a Modern Front Door might be the best choice for you. Our Modern Front Doors have different styles of glazing, panelling, colour, and material. With all of this in mind, a Modern Front Door holds a lot of opputunities in bringing life to the front of your house. Your front door is the first and last impression you give someone of your house, make it a good one. 

Fitting your Front Doors

Take time to measure up correctly, use our door size guide standard door sizes to make sure you order the right size. External doors need to function properly, as well as look beautiful. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of measuring correctly to ensure your front door functions fully. It is often best to get a professional to install your front doors due to the complexity of the measurements and fitting.

External Door Maintenance

Think about the maintenance of your front door, as with any external door. Keeping it in good repair will not only mean it looks good but also serves its security role. Different external doors vary in terms of durability, resistance to weather and the insulation they provide. Certain materials will require more maintenance on your front door. Whilst others are made from materials that will require no maintenance at all.

If you want a front door that needs little special care you could choose one from our composite front door selection. These provide the look of wood but without the maintenance needs. Alternatively, our range also includes a great choice of products made from different woods if you want a real timber front door. We also supply a wide range of products to help you protect and maintain your external wood doors.

Choosing the right material and size for all your external doors is very important to ensure minimum heat loss. You will want external doors that offer both the right level of insulation for the weather and that provides an airtight fit when closed.

Remember to measure your doorways accurately to make sure you're choosing external doors of the right size. Choosing the right front door and external doors can help you to heat your home more economically.

External Door Security

Make sure you choose an external door that will offer security for your home. For security and peace of mind, you will want to choose an external door material that provides resistance to potential intruders. You might want to think about the security measures that are part of your external doors, such as locks, as well.

If you want additional front door security measures you can find a great selection elsewhere on Building Supplies Online. By considering some of these ideas you are sure to find the right external door for you that meets your needs and offers great value for your budget.

External Door Choices

We stock a wide range of external doors suitable for each room they are needed for. We have a good selection of doors suitable for back doors, including glazed and solid options and stable style which are very popular. If you are looking for external doors to open up a room onto your patio then we have a good choice of both bifold and french style doors. These really open up a room and bring light into your home.

External door choices, dependant on their use, include different materials such as;

  • Wooden
  • Composite
  • Aluminium

Our large selection of external doors, all available for online purchase means that you should be able to find a suitable door for your needs. Our External Wooden Doors are part of a vast range of external doors. External Wooden Doors are a popular choice as they are easy to maintain and offer a touch of class to the outside of your home. With glazing options as well as different styles of paneling, External Wooden Doors offer a great range. Frome Stable doors, to french doors, External Wooden Doors have a variety of styles and designs, it is just about finding the one which is right for you. 

How Much are External Doors and Front Doors?

Our Front Doors start at under £100. With over 250 External Doors to choose from you can be sure that when you shop with us you are sure to find the right Front Door at the right price. Our low trade prices means that you don't have to compromise on quality if you are looking for a cheap external door.

We don't stop there. Our range of accessories and treatments are at low trade prices, so whatever the Job, we have got you covered.

Can you Use Front Doors Inside?

Yes, you can. Just be mindful that front doors open inwards but you can reverse hinges. Front doors are wider than interior ones. Front doors may need to be trimmed to fit door frame, therefore causing loss of symmetry.

Wooden Front Doors

Our Wooden Front Door range offer high-quality crafted doors, which become a great addition to your home. When considering popularity, our wooden front doors are often considered some of our best sellers.

Our wooden front doors are one of our most popular ranges as they deliver a timeless classic look. Style can vary for your wooden front door, it depends on the ultimate look you are going for.

Some of our wooden front doors include obscure glazing windows. These windows offer a unique style to your wooden front door, whilst still keeping your privacy. Wood is naturally a good insulator, making our wooden front doors more desirable as they naturally let less heat escape from them.

Your front door is the first thing a visitor to your house will see. So dedicating time into which one you choose is worthwhile as it is the first and last impression someone will get from your house. This is why we stand by our wooden front doors as they offer a lasting impression from a visit to visit.

As well as this our wooden front doors come with different window options or even no window at all. Double or single door with different types of glazing and patterns there is a wooden front door for anyone.

Our Wooden Front Doors are supplied by leading brands in the door industry. Be sure to check the filters when looking through our Wooden Front Doors to ensure that you find the most suitable one for your style of your home.

We sell a variety of front doors made from different materials. From composite front doors to wooden and GRP front doors which are maintenance free. With Nationwide delivery and some of the cheapest prices online you will find the front door you are looking for. Not only do we offer front doors in a variety of styles we offer front doors in different colours and finishes to suit the colour scheme of your home.

If you need additional help with door installation, please find our guide on standard door sizes.

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