Garage Doors

Garage Doors

Choosing a garage door from our wide range of products can not only provide ultimate safety for your garage items, but also transforms the exterior of your home to how you desire.

Our garage door selection is a gorgeous addition to your property and are the finishing touches to a warm and welcoming home. A garage allows you to have extra room and space which can be used in a variety of different ways.

These doors could be used to close a simple garage room, or rooms with other purposes such as a converted gym, or a place of work ect. Therefore, not only do these products shut off a garage in style, they encourage you to add more to your home. Furthermore, these doors are an effective insulator and so these products are very beneficial during colder times and so are practical all year round.

Our Range of Garage Doors

Our range also all take a wooden material which not only looks stunning but have high levels of durability and stability. A secure garage door promises to keep your possessions and most importantly your whole property a lot safer from any possible threats or encounters. Therefore, choosing the right garage door is important. Building Supplies Online takes this into consideration, only producing the highest quality, and safest products for you to purchase. The garage doors we offer are completely secure and reliable, where only the right people have access to the inside of your garage in the right way. We promise our customers have complete control over who can access your whole property, not only you garage so you can leave your home feeling confident and reassured that your home is safe and undamaged.

Advantages of our Garage Doors

  • Our wooden doors are simply beautiful; not a malfunction in sight. The authentic style brings class to your home, and compliments whichever style you have aimed for- they look gorgeous with a traditional characteristic look, but also with a modern sophisticated style.
  • Our garage doors have a good range of prices at which you can choose accordingly. Our prices prove that we only sell our products to the highest of standards and so we will not disappoint. Also, with our prices comes a 10year warranty; so we promise to maintain these high standards for the duration of instalment and generation.
  • Due to the wooden material, the risk of damage is greatly reduced and wont dent or scratch as much as other materials. If you are worried about any damages to your garage door, whether it be young children, other cars or bad weather, choosing one of our wooden garage doors is a very smart choice and will not disappoint.
  • With a gorgeous exterior appearance and curb appeal, these products are excellent value for money.

Some of our doors are timber wood which is a beautiful and natural material which stands out in any brochures or catalogues as the most aesthetically pleasing. Each product has been so precisely and intricately made due to its graining, shading and knots; therefore, each product is unique and individual within its structure.

With very long periods of protection, this material only needs an occasional wipe down and can be varnished and finished however you prefer. Therefore, is evident that these garage doors can be adapted and used in the way that you wish.

Most of our garage door range are products of JELD-WEN which is one of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of quality timber interior and exterior doors. This company promise good quality and reliability and so are an excellent purchase. One of these products contains an engineered core with a tongue and groove construction and a glazed obscure toughened safety class. Or you can choose our other door that comes unfinished ready for site decoration where a hi-build paint finish is recommended. Some other of our garage doors are manufactured from the LPD Redwood range which are also an excellent purchase.

These doors have a softwood material which comes unfinished for you to varnish or veneer, all with a solid core. Also, constructed with a ledged and braced frame, these doors also are a gorgeous purchase.

Why Buy Garage Doors from us?

Every product is made to please all our customers; therefore we can reassure there will be no disappointment. We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers so there will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment. Like our other products, these take 3-5 days to deliver and so you will receive your product in no time.

After purchase you will receive a phone call with in 48 hours, not including weekends, to arrange your delivery time to what is best and most convenient to you. This is because we want to make sure you have the best experience with us when purchasing our products. We promise high quality service when purchasing, delivering and installing, to prove we are the best company for you

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