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Concrete Blocks

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are available as high density and low density, they are made from cast concrete and aggregates. They are used in the house building and construction industry and are sometimes known as concrete masonry units. Concrete blocks can be either solid heavyweight blocks or hollow with one or more cavities in them, which makes them lightweight. There are lots of shaped concrete blocks for different jobs i.e corner blocks, pillar blocks, lintel and jamb blocks for window and door openings amongst others. Concrete blocks tend to be larger sized than normal house brick, so are quicker to lay down. They are available with a frogged top like a regular brick, so that they hold the mortar well and form a strong bond.

Dense concrete blocks are very durable and versatile, they are great for projects that need to be robust and strong. The dense concrete blocks are used for inner and outer cavity walling especially those over three storeys in height, internal partition walls and foundation walls as they can be used above and below ground level. Lower density concrete blocks are lighter in weight than high density blocks making them even easier to work with.

Concrete blocks are good for building retaining walls, especially if you need to keep water or earth away from buildings. As concrete blocks are fairly lightweight for their size they are easy to handle and work with whilst still being durable and good quality.

All concrete blocks are reusable and they are made with some recycled materials, which is good for the environment. Most concrete blocks have good insulating properties and have high levels of fire resistance, which is important when building new external or internal walls. All concrete blocks have a thermal mass which means they hold heat in them, this also helps keep houses warm.

When constructing, Concrete Blocks are the foundation of any project. If you are looking to construct internal walls or external walls very quickly, then Concrete Blocks offer the ideal solution for you.

What are Concrete Blocks?

Concrete Blocks tend to be manufactured to make them resistant to extreme temperatures and in a way that will not degrade the Concrete Blocks due to the impact of ice and thawing. Most Concrete Blocks are designed to have increased thermal insulation properties, as this is something that many people now take into consideration when they are thinking about constructing their buildings. With many Concrete Blocks now, you won’t even have to wait for the mortar to dry, which means that you can place the blocks and start building straight away.

Choosing your Concrete Blocks

On our website we sell Concrete Blocks in a full load of 19 packs, with 72 per pack, amounting in 1368 Concrete Blocks. The Concrete Blocks we sell on our website can be delivered to all across the UK, and the Concrete Blocks are industry standard Concrete Blocks. On our website, Building Supplies Online, we also sell Concrete Bricks and Cinder Blocks, both of which will make a good addition to your next building project. As well as selling Concrete Blocks, Concrete Bricks and Cinder Blocks, we also sell a number of different tools, materials and accessories to install your Concrete Bricks. Your Concrete Bricks can be used in conjunction with a number of different accessories we sell on our website, such as cement or a masonry drill. Cinder Blocks are a type of Concrete Blocks, but they are named Cinder Blocks as they use ash in them. On our website you can shop a varied range of Concrete Blocks, Concrete Bricks and Cinder Blocks for your next building project, shop our Concrete Blocks, Concrete Bricks and Cinder Blocks now.

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