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Garden Paths

Your Marshalls Garden Path will be so much more than a simple Garden Path that designates the route from A to B.

Garden Slabs and Garden Paving

Once your Garden Paving project is finished your once overlooked Garden Path feature will be transformed using Marshalls Garden Slabs and Garden Paving, into a cohesion between spaces that will help to create a unique atmosphere. Your Marshalls Garden Path will now become an invitation, as well as a welcoming return home to you. If you are looking to create that ""wow-factor" using Garden Slabs and Garden Paving for your garden path, or just want to enhance your lawn edging and paths with Paving Stones, Marshalls range of Garden Slabs and Garden Paving Stones are the perfect option and the Marshalls Paving range consists of an extensive selection of Garden Paving, Garden Slabs, and Paving Stones to suit all of your Garden Path requirements.

The Marshalls Garden Path selection of Garden Paving and Garden Slabs includes Drivesett Deco and Fairstone Cropped Garden Path Paving Stones. Marshalls also offers a unique range of Garden Path edging products to help create that decorative look to your garden Path which will also help protect your gardens and lawns at the same time.

Marshalls Paving Garden Paths - Dimensions

Marshalls Garden Path Garden Slabs and Garden Paving Stones come in various different colours and dimensions so that you can create the Garden Path you desire and will be proud of for years to come.

Marshalls Paving Garden Paths - Quality

The reasons to buy Marshalls Garden Path and Garden Paving is simple

  • Wide range of products, 
  • Ease of installation
  • Permeable options
  • Suitable for all property types

Marshalls Paving - About Us

Marshalls Paving has been providing Garden Path Paving Stones for over 120 years and our Marshalls Garden Paving is the perfect way to start your first garden project.

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