Roof spaces, wall and floors all require effective insulation to ensure a house is thermally efficient. This will reduce heating costs and help protect the environment

Why Use Insulation?

  • If the temperature outside is lower, heat will always try to escape from a house via either convection or conduction and effective Insulation is the best way to reduce that heat loss to a minimum.
  • Homeowners can buy Insulation in many different forms including spray foams, blanket rolls, reflective boards, foam boards and double glazing, all of which will help reduce heat loss via loft spaces, roof rafters, floors, windows, doors and walls.
  • For homeowners the purchase cost of buying Insulation can be recovered over a period of years by the saving they will make on the costs of heating the home.
  • With environmental issues an increasing concern, homeowners who reduce unnecessary heat loss from their homes are helping slow down global warming.

Making a Choice

Choosing which Insulation to buy does depend on whether the house being insulated is a new build, or an existing home looking to reduce its carbon footprint. It also depends on the budget that is available and the different ways in which each home can reduce its heat loss. Loft, flat and pitched roof protection can make the largest contribution to reducing heat loss, purely because heat rises but wall, and particularly cavity wall products such as Earthwool, can make a significant difference.

Other options will include reflective foil and floor products, including slabs and boards. Fortunately, Insulation UK is blessed with some industry leading companies such as Celotex, Kingspan, Rockwool and Knauf who can supply all types of Insulation often with a next day delivery service.

To save money on heating bills and to help protect the planet from global warning, responsible homeowners should be considering the wide variety of way in which that can better Insulate their homes and that means looking at way to reduce heat loss via roof spaces, walls, floors, windows and doors.

What is the best material to use for insulation?

When choosing the best type of insulation, you need to consider what room you are insulating. From fibreglass to spray foam, different types can have a different effect.

What is the cheapest Insulation?

Fiberglass Insulation tends to be the cheapest on the market. Our range is available at a competitive market price. From Fiberglass Insulation to Board Insulation.


To comprehend why it is vital, it is useful to understand 'thermodynamics'. In cold weather, it aims to lessen heat flow leaving a room or building. You should identify where you may like to put in insulation but also the practicalities and functionality of the areas you want to insulate.

Consider all the possible benefits. Better insulation means ecological factors will not affect the temperature inside your house. Installing is a step that could save heat loss and conserve the energy of a home. It's quite simple, but there are a couple of considerations to consider.

Appropriate Insulation depends a lot on the location of your residence and your chosen room's functionality. If you are wondering how to install it in your own home, then you've come to the right place. If still unsure come and join us on Live Chat where we will be happy to assist. 

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