Explore our range of Insulation including wall, floor and roof insulation from well known brands such as Celotex, Rockwool and Knauf

At Building Supplies Online, we stock a large range of home Insulation from UK leading manufacturers including Celotex, Kingspan, Rockwool, and Knauf. 

We cover all of your DIY home Insulation needs including flat and pitched roof Insulation, loft Insulation, wall and cavity wall Insulation, floor Insulation and multi-purpose Insulation.  UK nationwide delivery to your door with next day delivery if required.  When browsing our Insulation section, you will see we offer Insulation with further options with benefits such as fire protection, thermal, acoustic and moisture resistant insulation all being available.  

Types of Insulation

Celotex Home Insulation products provide the perfect solution to help you meet both future and current building regulations and other carbon reduction programmes. The range of roof Insulation, wall Insulation and floor Insulation delivers an increase in thermal performance which in turn allows commercial buildings and homes to achieve increased levels of energy efficiency through the use of our particular Insulation range.

Kingspan Home Insulation products are extremely high performing and premium rigid insulation for domestic use.  It is applied to building service applications and building fabric used in insulated systems. 

Rockwool Home Insulation products are in high demand across the world and combine a unique combination of outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties into their product.  Used in roof Insulation, wall insulation and floor insulation for domestic, industrial and commercial buildings the Rockwool insulation product range is a great choice.

Knauf Home Insulation and House Insulation use the ECOSE® Technology which was introduced In 2009.
The ECOSE® Technology was researched and tested over five years and provides customers with an innovative product which also meet the growing market demand for more sustainable construction material.

As well as the usual main benefits from traditional mineral wool, the Knauf Insulation mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology offers the following benefits for all of your roof Insulation, wall insulation, and floor insulation needs...

  • No added Formaldehyde
  • Low product emissions - confirmed by Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold test results
  • No artificial dyes added

Here at Building Supplies Online we offer competitively priced and superior quality insulation options which are perfect for DIY and trade projects.  Insulation offers a great alternative to reducing energy bills, therefore it is crucial to understand it's importance.

Insulation Thermodynamics

To comprehend why insulation material is vital, it is useful to understand 'thermodynamics'.  

In cold weather, Insulation aims to lessen heat flow leaving a particular room or building. Thus, you should identify where you may like to put in insulation but in addition the practicalities and functionality of the areas you want to insulate. Take a look at a number of these benefits, besides energy-conservation that you may like with Insulation at your house.

Better insulation means ecological factors will not effect the temperature inside your house so dramatically. Installing insulation is a substantial step that could save heat loss and conserve the energy of a home. It's actually quite simple but there are a couple of considerations to take into account. Appropriate Insulation depends a lot on the location of your residence and your chosen room's functionality.  

If you are wondering how to install insulation in your own home, then you've definitely come to the right place.  Have a good browse through our insulation section to determine which Insulation is right for you or if still unsure come and join us on Live Chat where we will be happy to assist.  Installing your own Insulation will spare you lots of labour costs together with the extra benefit of achievement of helping increase your home's efficiency and lowering your energy bills.  

Additionally referred to as Fireproofing, it's really a way of working with Insulation to create building resistant to flame. Acoustic insulation is also known as sound proofing. The thermal insulation was crucial that you maintain up a more moderate temperature within your home. If that's the case, then you have to add insulation.

Insulation provides many benefits for the property. If this is so, exactly what you have to do is figure out how far more insulation must be filled in. There are various kinds of foam insulation. 

For some thing with this particular type of a simple notion, insulation includes a variety of choices. Insulation can be added to the whole house, whichever you want or some element of your residence. The absolute finest insulation is insulation that's installed. From little and mobile units to large truck mounted units, you will get the insulation blowing system in your financial plan to meet all of your requirements. There are a number of forms of rigid board insulation.

Insulation is intended to halt the stream of lost heat.  In most instances, spray foam insulation is produced by reacting chemicals and mixing them to make foam.  This variety works well in many instances.  

The insulating material can be set up very easily with the guidance of claws or adhesives.  Home Insulation is available in many forms as you will see from our Insulation range here at Building Supplies Online.

If you have any questions regarding our Insulation options please feel free to give us a call or join us on Live Chat where we will of course be happy to help.  

Insulation Accessories

Once you have made your decision from our Insulation selection why not view our supporting insulation accessories range including Insulation clips, screws and washers, foil tape, cavity closers and Insulation foam.  

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