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Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation


Shop our range of Wall Insulation from well known brands including Kingspan, Knauf and Celotex.

At Building Supplies Online we stock a range of wall insulation products.

What is Wall Insulation?

Wall Insulation is used in homes and buildings to minimise heat loss by filling air space  with materials such as mineral wool or glass wool to stop heat transfer. Using Wall Insulation in your home is a cost effective way of heating your home and can cut heating bills considerably. Solid walls can be insulated from either the inside or the outside. If you're looking to add Wall Insulation to the outside of your home you will have to cover it with a special type of plasterwork or cladding, this can then be finished with brick slips or paint. 

Choosing your Wall Insulation

The Rockwool Wall insulation slabs range can be used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation in general building applications and is certified to EN 13162. The Rockwool wall insulation slabs can be used for External Wall insulation, Internal wall insulation and Solid wall insulation.

Knauf DriTherm Cavity Wall insulation Slabs  are semi-rigid or rigid slabs of non-combustible, glass mineral wool with a water-repellent additive. The Knauf Wall insulation slabs are 455mm wide to suit standard vertical wall tie spacings, ensuring a closed joint with adjacent slabs. The Knauf wall insulation wall slabs have a special additive to make the product water repellent and are produced in three grades which makes them perfect for any External Wall insulation, Internal wall insulation or Solid wall insulation projects

A general purpose board which can be used for wall insulation and roofs. Celotex is well known for producing insulation PIR boards in the UK. We offer the cheapest prices online to buy Celotex GA4000. The Kingspan Thermawall board can be used for wall insulation, internal wall insulation and also for wall insulation as well as for other purposes such as roof and floor. ISOVER Acoustic Partition 1200 Wall Insulation Roll or APR Roll is a High-performance acoustic roll priced per pack. This is a non-combustible glass mineral wool roll for sound insulation and is suitable to be used as Wall insulation.

Wall insulation will keep your home cosy and warm, and also cut your heating bills down as it saves up to 45% of heat loss. If your home has cavity walls you can have cavity wall insulation pumped in from the outside, this is done by a specialist company drilling little holes into the wall and blowing special insulation material into the walls. If you have solid walls you will need another way of tackling this as there is no cavity to fill.

One way is to add the wall insulation on the inside walls one room at a time from inside the house, maybe when renovating or redecorating. By working on each room at a time you can spread the costs, plus the mess and disruption it may cause. It is possible to fit internal wall insulation to the walls, or you could build a stud wall and put the wall insulation behind it. If you are having new internal walls built, maybe in the case of a house extension or changing a house layout, then you could incorporate wall insulation into the new stud wall very easily.

External wall insulation is another option, especially where you have solid walls and don't want the disruption inside the house. It would be a good thing to have external wall insulation done when there is other work being done like new windows or roof, particularly if you will need to have scaffolding up to get the work done. External wall insulation is fixed to the outside walls and then needs covering with special render or cladding, leaving your home looking smart. This sort of wall insulation will fill any gaps in the brickwork and make it less draughty and more weather resistant, it will also extend the life span of the brickwork.

Why chose Wall Insulation 

Wall Insulation is becoming increasingly popular due to its money and energy saving efficiency. Wall Insulation decreases the amount of heat lost through walls. This shows that Wall Insulation has a positive effect on the environment as it decreases the amount of heat lost and stops you burning through more energy. Along with this Wall Insulation has a positive effect on your heating bill, naturally reducing it over time. Wall Insulation is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways of making a house more energy efficient. In the summer Wall Insulation keeps your house cooler and in the winter Wall Insulation keeps your house warmer. Wall Insulation can be used in both walls and ceilings. This cost-effective product is ideal as it can be used for many purposes. To help chose your wall insulation to have a browse through our Wall Insulation category. Still have questions? Be sure to read through our wall insulation information included above this section to answer all your questions on choosing wall insulation. 

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