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Insulated Plasterboard

We offer a range of insulated plasterboard from the UK's leading manufacturers.

Insulated plasterboard is ideal when space in the cavity is limited.

What is Insulated Plasterboard?

Insulated Plasterboard is growing in popularity with consumers as the favourite to make home energy more efficient, save money on energy bills and is a great option for its thermal properties as insulated plasterboard reduces heat loss significantly.   Insulated Plasterboard can be placed in any area of your home or building including ceilings, roofs, within walls and underneath flooring.  Our range in insulated Plasterboard is great for both new build projects and refurbishments.  

You can choose your insulated plasterboard by the level of thermal thickness and ability from low-level to very high-level thermal performance.  You will see our different insulated plasterboards meet different class ratings and comply with different requirements depending on the level of the thermal layer.  We stock a range of insulated plasterboards sizes to also accommodate timber frame constructions and window reveals.  

Thermal insulated plasterboard has a plasterboard sheet with an attached insulation board giving fantastic insulating properties. We offer cheap prices and delivery throughout the UK.

Insulated plasterboard is a type of plasterboard that is fitted with insulation foam. Available in a huge array of thicknesses and sizes you will be able to find a insulated plasterboard for you. Thermal insulated plasterboard can be used for a multitude of applications. Some of these include insulating internal walls, improving installation of cavity walls, for loft conversions and garage conversions.

Installing insulated plasterboard brings a whole host of benefits to your home. Thermal insulated plasterboard is one of the most cost-effective insulation methods in comparison to competitors. Future costs will be kept down due to the energy efficiency of thermal insulated plasterboard. Heating bills and Co2 emissions are cut down due to the thermal insulation board having a high-level the moral resistance. This means your home will be kept cool in the warm summer months and warm during the cold winter months.

Feel free to join us on live-chat if you have any questions at all regarding any of our insulated plasterboard products or alternatively, send us an e-mail or give us a ring. 

Once you have chosen your item from our insulated plasterboard range why not browse our supporting plasterboard accessories to help you install your product including fixings, adhesives and sealants. 

Installing Insulated Plasterboard 

Insulated Plasterboards does not have to be difficult to install. it is becoming increasingly easier to install insulation, and insulated plasterboard is no exception. It is possible to use insulated plasterboard in walls and ceilings. When installing Insulated Plasterboard, a common practice is the "Dot and Dab" process. When installing any form of Insulated Plasterboard it is important to read the manufacturers description and information first. Typically most Insulated Plasterboard can be installed similarly however double checking is always advised. Dot and Dab is a simple way of installing Insulated Plasterboard. Starting by checking the surface you are attaching your Insulated Plasterboard to. It must be smooth, clean, and dry in order to make your efforts 100% effective. Measuring the all to ensure you have enough of the product is a key step when installing. Making sure you have enough Insulated Plasterboard ensures that your efforts are not wasted and your installation will go smoothly. When you have prepared your adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines you can begin applying it to your choice of surface. A line should be applied to the surface covering the perimeter of the Insulated Plasterboard is covered, preventing any infestations or gaps between the Insulated Plasterboard and the surface. Once the perimeter is covered you can begin the dot and dab process. Dots and Dabs should be placed on your chosen surface. These dots and dabs often differ depending on the size of the Insulated Plasterboard and how the manufacturer advises installation. A common practice for dots and dabs is to keep them no more than 25mm thick and no more than 25mm apart from the board edge. 50mm in width and 250mm in length is also a common size for the dots and dabs. When placing the Insulated Plasterboard onto the surface it is advised to do this carefully and firmly. Holding the Insulated Plasterboard level with the floor and ceiling. Hold firmly until you believe the adhesive is firmly set. Tap onto the Insulated Plasterboard to make sure it is firmly set. It is important to note that some Insulated Plasterboard requires fixings to hold the board in place. This is why we advise to always check the manufacturer's advice on installation of your product. 

Our Range of Insulated Plasterboard 

Our range of Insulated Plasterboard is supplied by Celotex, Knauf, and Gyproc. These manufacturers supply a range of products. We have carefully selected these Insulated Plasterboard products, keeping a close eye on their quality and efficiency. Insulated Plasterboard is perfect when you are limited for space. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of insulated plasterboard in order to suit any type of build. Celotex offers insulated plasterboard of a smaller depth. This is ideal for those finishing touches on a build in which you are limited on space. The effectiveness of the product is still high and the installation process is shorter due to its two in one nature. Our Knauf Insulated Plasterboard is different to the Celotex as it is thicker in depth. This offers a higher efficiency in insulation but requires more space for insulation. Knauf has been producing insulation for years and their Insulated Plasterboard upholds their values. Our Gyproc Insulated Plasterboard is similar to the Knauf as it offers an increased depth for better insulation. Gyproc has over 100 years of experience in plasterboard, insulation and ceiling solutions. They are one of our most reliable sources for Insulated Plasterboard. With 5 UK specialist manufacturing sites to keep up with the high demands from customers, Gyproc Insulated Plasterboard is a safe and reliable investment. For further information on what Insulation Plasterboard is and its different variations look at our above information. Do you still have questions? No worries our team are happy to help with any queries regarding your Insulation Plasterboard. Just jump on our live chat to get quick and reliable answers.

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