Basin Taps are not only a practical appliance for your bathroom or kitchen, but also add to the style of your house. The Basin Taps are not only well priced, but have a high longevity making them the perfect investment if you are renovating your bathroom or just in need of a new tap.

What Basin Taps do we Offer?

We have a range of Basin Taps heads, holes, styles, types, brands and price available for you, to suit your needs. If you are looking for a contemporary and slick tap, we have plenty of options with this style.

If you are looking for something more traditional, we also have a selection to this aesthetic. Maybe you are renovating your house, maybe your Basin Tap has broken and you are in search of a better quality one to replace the existing tap? Whoever you are, our selection of Basin Taps is endless and we offer a 5 year warranty on all our products.

Building Supplies Online provides you with specific characteristics about each tap including material, water flow and pressure etc. This allows you to choose the perfect tap for your specific needs. 

Different types of Basin Tap heads:

  • We have a collection of square head Basin Taps, this creates a contemporary style to create a modern feel of your house, or commercial building.
  • We have sensor Basin Taps, these work with a sensor meaning they are more hygienic as there is no contact with the tap head. They also release the water for a timed period, meaning you are avoiding wasting water.
  • Dual lever Basin Taps is one of our largest selections, they allow for hot and cold water to be differentiated by two different taps, meaning you can choose the level of temperature you would like.
  • Round Basin Taps is another range we offer, you can either purchase a pair of taps or a singular tap. The round design adds to a more contemporary interior design, also the pushing aspect is ergonomically satisfying to use.
  • We also have cross head Basin Taps which have a grip on the tap head. This is ergonomically well designed and easy to use, and also creates a more traditional aesthetic.
  • Our largest range at Building Supplies Online is the single lever Basin Taps, which have one lever that can be moved either left or right to change temperature. This range is the broadest in terms of design and use, with a price from of £30 to £450. Therefore, we are confident you will find the perfect tap for your needs within this range, if a single lever is what you are looking for.

Different types of Basin Taps available:

We have 4 main categories of basin tap type including monobloc, mixer taps, pillar tap and bath shower mixer.

  • The monobloc Basin Taps are the largest range, and these allow you to choose a temperature before the water leaves the faucet. They also create a more modern look as they are commonly single levered.
  • The mixer taps create a more traditional style as they are dual levered taps. The mixer basin tap means that the water is mixed by choosing a level of hot and cold water, meaning you have more control over the temperature you would like.
  • Another range of tap type available is the pillar Basin Taps. These are commonly two separate taps, one hot and one cold. These have a mix of being round head, square head or cross head, meaning that this range has contemporary or traditional designs.
  • The bath shower mixer range is limited, but it is a floor standing set perfect for a contemporary looking bathroom.

Why Choose Basin Taps

Not only is our range over 400 products, but each tap is designed and made to suit your needs. As well as this, they are designed to suit aesthetic purposes as well as practical purposes. The chrome finish isn’t solely for a contemporary style, but it also provides a coat of resistance. It provides a longer life to each Basin Tap, as the chrome resists corrosion and wear.

To further this, the range of Basin Taps available range from £35 to £450, meaning there is a large range that I am sure your price would fit into. If you are in search of something long lasting and a beautiful addition to your decor, then the higher range of prices provide this. But if you are searching for practicality or commercial consumption, we have the lower costing taps that are just as durable and aesthetic.

If after reading about our range of Basin Taps, this has sparked your interest, head over to Building Supplies Online for more information about individual taps. Each tap has a description and enough information to guide your decision. We at Building Supplies Online hope you find the Basin Tap you are looking for.

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