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Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen Tiles

Explore our selection of kitchen tiles from industry leading brands. Your Kitchen needs the perfect Tiles, because you deserve the perfect Kitchen. There is no one Kitchen tile to rule them all, instead, we believe that all of our kitchen tiles shine in different parts of your kitchen.

Kitchen tiles are a great way to personalise and make a feature of your kitchen walls. Kitchen tiles are one of the most practical wall coverings for a kitchen as they will withstand heat, steam and frequent cleaning. Kitchen tiles could be used throughout your kitchen on all walls or just as a splashback by the cooker and sink.

How much of your kitchen you decide to tile may depend on the budget available, as initially, tiling can be a slightly more costly option. But tiles will have a much longer lifespan than most other wall coverings. With this in mind choose a design or colour of tile that is timeless and you will want to keep.

Why use Tiles in your Kitchen?

What do the surfaces in your kitchen need to withstand and put up with? Its often said that the Kitchen is the heart of your home. Your kitchen handles a lot of the traffic in your home as well as most of the spills and general mess that running a house creates.

Kitchen Tiles stand up to this better than most other alternatives. Our Kitchen Tiles come from some of the world's top designers and manufacturers, with some being based right here in the UK. Kitchen Tiles need to be stain and moisture resistant, and ours are. Kitchen Tiles are easier to maintain than wood or laminate flooring because they are much easier to clean.

What Makes a Great Kitchen Tile?

All our kitchen tiles are high quality, but what really makes a great kitchen tile is its ability to stand out and make an impression. You likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and your kitchen tiles should reflect this by not being an eyesore. This is why our Kitchen tiles are selected for their craftsmen ship and outstanding functionality.

Whether you're replacing your existing tiles or starting from scratch, the perfect kitchen tiles are right here. with UK Nationwide delivery as well as free samples of our best selling Kitchen Tiles to help you make an informed decision.

How to Choose your Kitchen Tiles

Your choice of kitchen tiles may well depend on the size of your kitchen and the colour of your worktops and units. Darker kitchen tiles work best in larger kitchens, maybe to add depth and contrast to white or light coloured furniture.

Lighter or brighter kitchen tiles work well in smaller kitchens adding a spacious more airy feel. Very busy patterned kitchen tiles are probably best used for a feature as they may be overwhelming if used throughout the room. There are so many different kitchen tiles on the market, small and large, ones that look like bricks and every colour imaginable.

There are many different designs as well, mosaic tiles, hexagonal tiles and even tiles with letters on so you could spell out words or names. The larger kitchen tiles are easier and faster to install as they are less fiddly than smaller tiles, this is worth considering especially if you have a large area to cover. Smaller mosaic tiles might be better for a feature area, although some mosaic tiles are made in pre-designed larger squares to make the work more straightforward.

We offer an enormous choice of tiles suitable for both kitchen walls and floors. Our Kitchen Tiles are available in a variety of materials, these include;

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Glass

All our Kitchen Tiles have different design benefits and are suitable for different areas of the kitchen. For example our glass splashbacks are perfect behind sinks or cookers to protect your walls from splashes of oil, food or water.

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