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Cloakroom Basins


Explore our range of Cloakroom Basins from leading bathroom brands.

If you are looking to utilise a small amount of space you may have in your house, or alternatively feel that you could benefit from an extra toilet in the home, then Cloakroom Suites are a great solution for you.

There are so many options available to you if you are on the lookout for a new Cloakroom Basin, and our selection here includes a wide range of them at great prices to suit any budget. Cloakrooms usually have limited space, so one of the main characteristics of a Cloakroom Basin is being small enough to fit comfortably into the room provided. Unlike many traditional sinks, a Cloakroom Basin is designed specifically to maximise the space around it, allowing you to undertake everyday bathroom activities with ease in your cloakroom. All our Cloakroom Basin products achieve this whilst also looking fantastic, adding a touch of style and individuality to your home.

Cloakroom Suites are a great way to make use of a small area, and are designed to be small yet stylish, whilst practical as it adds an extra bathroom into your home.

Choosing your Cloakroom Basin

Although they have specific functional requirements to fulfil, Cloakroom Basins are certainly not limited in terms of form or structure. In fact, Cloakroom Basin choices can be as varied as regular sinks: from full pedestal and semi pedestal basins to wall-hung and vanity basins, there is a Cloakroom Basin for everyone. The wall-hung options tend to offer the highest level of space saving, since they are often the most compact and do not carry extra bulk for covering up pipework. However, if you prefer a Cloakroom Basin without its pipework on show, there are still plenty of designs to choose from. The Concept Arc 350mm Handrinse Cloakroom Basin is a great example of a pedestal sink with slight dimensions that will fit into even the tiniest gap. Most of our Cloakroom Basin designs have a single tap hole, as you might expect when the main aim is space conservation. The tap may be placed on the left, right or middle depending on the design, and you can pick a tap that appeals to you to customise your Cloakroom Basin. All are made from high-quality, easy-clean vitreous china by brands such as Ideal Standard, Vitra and Burtlington.

Our choices of Cloakroom Basin are a great solution to hygiene in bathrooms with a small amount of space, as they take up less room than your average sink, whilst still being stylish. On our website we have a large variety of Cloakroom Basin choices perfect for your Cloakroom Suites, so it is easy to find the Cloakroom Sink for you. When picking out your Cloakroom Basin, it is important to consider the area you are installing it into. If the area is extremely limited in space, then you might opt to choose a Small Cloakroom Sink that is wall hung.

A Cloakroom Basin that is wall hung means that there is no pedestal underneath the sink and it appears to hang mid- air. This is ideal as it leaves more room under the sink, which is easier to clean and will not create a cluttered appearance. A corner Cloakroom Basin is an even better way to make use of an even smaller space, as the Small Cloakroom Sink will fit precisely into the corner, taking up even less room. If you have slightly more space in your Cloakroom Suites and are looking for a very contemporary feel, then a counter top Cloakroom Basin might be your best option. Alternatively if you are rather limited for space then you may choose a compact unit Cloakroom Basin, which is small and creates a perfect storage space for items such as toilet paper.

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