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Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom basins are made with restricted space in mind. Perfect for under-stair bathrooms or small ensuites, we have the perfect range to choose from with modern and traditional styles available to choose.


Explore our range of Cloakroom Basins from leading bathroom brands.

If you are looking to utilise a small amount of space you may have in your house, or alternatively feel that you could benefit from an extra toilet in the home, then Cloakroom Suites are a great solution for you.

Cloakroom basins maximise the restricted space as much as possible, generally, wall hung, these are the perfect addition to your home as they are also easy to install. Our range online includes options for angles, straight edge or curved designs, which all look fantastic but perform in slightly different ways. Angled basins are popular as they can be installed into the corners of the room, making more space for you to move in your bathroom. We have a whole variety of small cloakroom basins online all for a superbly affordable price, generally, all are finished in white, which makes it easy for matching with other bathroom features. 

Cloakroom Suites are a great way to make use of a small area, and are designed to be small yet stylish, whilst practical as it adds an extra bathroom into your home.

Choosing your Cloakroom Basin

When making the decision on what's best for you, consider a number of factors which are all highly important. The shape of your bathroom is important, angled walls make the best option for angled basins to increase space and utilise it to its fullest. We also have a range of different styled cloakroom basins, we offer minimalist designs which are perfect for bathrooms with a modern style. Also, we have more traditional round shaped basins which are perfect for traditional bathrooms, all are very small but are specially designed to prevent overflowing or backsplash to ensure an easy bathroom experience all the time. Our choices of Cloakroom Basin are a great solution to hygiene in bathrooms with a small amount of space, as they take up less room than your average sink, whilst still being stylish. On our website we have a large variety of Cloakroom Basin choices perfect for your Cloakroom Suites, so it is easy to find the Cloakroom Sink for you. When picking out your Cloakroom Basin, it is important to consider the area you are installing it into. If the area is extremely limited in space, then you might opt to choose a Small Cloakroom Sink that is wall hung.

A Cloakroom Basin that is wall hung means that there is no pedestal underneath the sink and it appears to hang mid- air. This is ideal as it leaves more room under the sink, which is easier to clean and will not create a cluttered appearance. A corner Cloakroom Basin is an even better way to make use of an even smaller space, as the Small Cloakroom Sink will fit precisely into the corner, taking up even less room. If you have slightly more space in your Cloakroom Suites and are looking for a very contemporary feel, then a counter top Cloakroom Basin might be your best option. Alternatively if you are rather limited for space then you may choose a compact unit Cloakroom Basin, which is small and creates a perfect storage space for items such as toilet paper.

Browse our selection of cloakroom basins online today. All come with a manufacturing guarantee and also step by step installation guides to help you along the way. All our basins are available for a superbly competitive price that won't be matched anywhere else. Get some more bathroom inspiration here!

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