Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring


Explore our impressive range of laminate flooring from brands including Faus Flooring & Krono

We stock a large selection of Laminate Flooring in different colours and patterns that will bring a sleek, modern look to any room.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate Flooring consists of a multitude of layers that are fused together to create a laminate sheet. These layers consist of a backing layer, HDF Core and a design layer.

These are laminated with a protective plastic sheet. This provides water protection and keeps the laminate flooring intact. The design layer of the laminate flooring is a photographic film made to look and feel like wood or stone. With the development of laminate flooring improving only you will know that your flooring is not real natural materials.

Cheap Laminate flooring has become similar to natural materials but holds many more advantages. Ideal for any room, laminate flooring is highly practical and very easy to install. More resistant to scratches, moisture and wear and tear laminate flooring is a better alternative to wooden flooring. It is highly durable and will last a long time so you don't need to worry about replacing it for a long time.

Laminate flooring will not fade from UV exposure meaning it will keep its colour and continue to look brand new. Installation is extremely easy and does not require any special tools or skills, so you can transform your home in a matter of hours. Easy to clean and very cheap, laminate flooring is the ultimate flooring technique.

Popular materials such as carpet or hardwood may fade over time or become worn in other ways. This means they are unlikely to last as long as Laminate Flooring and are expensive to replace when the need arises.

Laminate Flooring is made with a tough plastic layer that resists many common types of damage. This ensures maximum value for money and customer satisfaction.

Laminate panels are designed with an interlocking system to make installation a simple process. You can also cut the tiles to the size if necessary using ordinary household scissors. Fitting a floor has never been easier.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective, durable solution that is so beautifully crafted. It also portrays the look of natural materials. Explore our range of laminate flooring and discover the potential your home could have for such affordable prices.

Laminate flooring can transform the appearance of a room drastically. Creating the look of natural material flooring, it can have that real wow factor.

Laminate Flooring has become extremely high quality and imitates natural flooring materials. Available as a tile effect or wood effect, you can have your dream flooring at half of the price.

Perhaps you want to enhance your kitchen with some high gloss tile effect laminate. Alternatively, you may want to make a statement with a Wood Effect Laminate Flooring in your hallway. Any look you wish to achieve can be successful with the use of laminate flooring.

Which Laminate Flooring do I Choose?

When deciding what laminate flooring to buy there are some important considerations to take into account.

Your lifestyle is a huge factor towards your decision. Laminate flooring is extremely durable and can withstand a high amount of foot traffic. However, the quality and thickness of the laminate flooring need to be appropriate to the use.

For example, busy households with many kids and pets will have a higher level of wear and tear on flooring compared to a household of two adults. Therefore the busy household may want to invest in thicker, higher quality laminate flooring that can withstand this wear. Once laminate flooring has been worn down it will have to be replaced.

Deciding the style and finish of your laminate flooring can be difficult. Some factors to consider when doing so are the style of the room, the size of the room, and the wear and tear the laminate flooring will receive.

Matching laminate flooring to the style and purpose of the room is crucial. For example, a contemporary kitchen would look great with high gloss tile effect laminate. The high gloss tile effect accentuates the modern design while complimenting the purpose of the room. Wood effect laminate flooring would look great in a traditional style hallway.

The size of the room also needs to be considered, light colours create the illusion of more space whereas dark colours can make a room look smaller.

As mentioned before your lifestyle can impact the life of the laminate flooring, just as it can the appearance. High gloss finishes will not stay high gloss in places with a vast amount of foot traffic, in these situations matte or worn finishes work best.

However you want your Laminate Flooring to look, we can provide the perfect solution for you.

Choose from differing designs including;

  • Classic vertical
  • Horizontal panelling
  • Chevrons
  • Herringbone
  • Cross traffic tiles

Alternatively, you can find a number of decorative designs that are sure to make any room feel unique. These include our Retro Victorian Tile Effect Laminate Flooring or our Retro Blue Tile Effect Laminate Flooring. Both of these have a vintage feel with a stylish modern twist.

We also have the rustic Boheme Oak Laminate Flooring to give your house a quirky edge. If you want subtle designs choose our Retro Azabache tiles for a softer, calmer feel.

Whatever your colour scheme, we have the perfect Laminate Flooring to match, with plenty of colours and shades to tickle your fancy. All tiles in this section are manufactured from high quality, durable laminate. They offer advanced resistance from all sorts of irritating stains.

How Much Laminate Flooring do I Need?

Determining how much Laminate Flooring you need is actually very simple but it pays to get the right measurements. When you buy Laminate Flooring, understand it is usually sold in packs that are labelled by their size in meters squared.

  1. First of all, work out the square footage of the area you’re laying your laminate flooring. Simply use a tape measure the find out the length and width of the space
  2. Then multiply the width by the length to get your square footage
  3. Add 10% to the square footage of your space to accommodate for waste and cuts
  4. Remember to measure your lengths more than once to make sure they’re correct

How do I Cut my Laminate Flooring?

Sadly, Laminate Flooring never comes in the size of your room so you will have to end up cutting it. This may seem like a huge task but thankfully isn’t. If you are cutting straight lines then you will need a circular saw. If you are cutting Laminate Flooring into a curve around pipes or pillars you will need a jigsaw.

Follow these 2 simple steps on how to cut Laminate Flooring;

  1. Start by making a small mark on the edge of your Laminate Flooring so you know where to cut. You can use chalk to measure a line across the top of the Laminate as this can easily be wiped off after
  2. Leave the Laminate Flooring facing right side up and cut it with a circular saw or jigsaw

How do I Lay Laminate Flooring?

Installing laminate flooring is fairly straightforward. Modern laminate flooring packs come designed to clicked together instead of using glue. This way DIYers can install laminate flooring and it is quick and hassle-free.

The different parts of laminate flooring click into each other creating a smooth, clean look. Prior to laying your Laminate Flooring, identify which direction you would like the board to lie in. Laminate flooring is usually placed on top of a foam underlay which provides insulation and noise reduction.

As Laminate Flooring is a ‘floating floor’ it can’t touch any walls, door frames or pipes. This is to prevent the laminate from moving or becoming damaged.

How to Maintain Laminate Flooring?

There are many things you can do to keep a Laminate Floor in good condition. Even though Laminate Flooring is low maintenance and easy to keep looking great there are a few things you can do to avoid any scratches or stains.

Avoid using scrubbing pads or similar items as Laminate Flooring can suffer abrasion from harsh materials. Also, avoid using anything more than a damp cloth to clean up spills as Laminate Flooring is not waterproof.

Naturally, Laminate Flooring will lose its original shine leaving your floor looking dull. Cleaning your Laminate Flooring regularly is the easiest and best way to maintain its shine.

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