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Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets

Our back to wall toilets come in a range of styles and sizes to suit any bathroom, have many benefits and are a great alternative to a close coupled toilet.

Back to wall toilets are designed so that the pan is fitted to a wall or against a bathroom furniture unit. This is a great way of hiding any unsightly plumping or pipework, creating a very neat toilet system. A back to wall toilet unit is timeless, likely to never go out of fashion.

What are Back to Wall Toilets?

Sleek and practical, a back to wall toilet is an effective alternative to a Traditional Toilet, and in fact they tend to be taken straight from our Modern Toilets range. This is by maximising the space in your cloakroom or bathroom, especially in rooms were space is at a premium.

Our back to wall toilet options are designed to fit neatly against a wall or a bathroom furniture unit. Providing a compact solution with the additional benefit of hiding unsightly plumping. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, our back to wall toilets are available in a range of sizes and projections. This is so that there is an appropriate option for your cloakroom. Even very small spaces like en-suites where a standard toilet unit may be impractical.

Back to wall toilets fit neatly into the apex at the junction of your bathroom floor and wall. Therefore do not require support frames, allowing for easy installation. If your bathroom or cloakroom has a stud wall it is possible to install the cistern within it. Alternatively a we supply back to wall toilet units with integrated cisterns which sit flush against the wall.

The aesthetics and simple design of a back to wall toilet makes cleaning incredibly easy. Manufactured as a single unit without hard to reach recesses or piping. This keeps your back to wall toilet sparkling clean and hygienic is a simple and quick process.

Serviceability and performance of a back to wall toilet is premium. We have selected the very best models from industry leaders such as;

  • Vitra
  • Armitage Shanks
  • Roca
  • Hudson Reed

As trusted sanitary ware experts, you can also be assured not only of quality but high end design too. Our back to wall toilet options include contemporary designs alongside more traditional units. This suitable for a more classical environment.

All our back to wall toilets are manufactured to a very high standard. From durable materials that are designed to cope effectively with everyday use. With a style and size suitable for your own personal needs.

We offer a variety of back to wall toilets from Traditional back to wall toilets from Burlington to contemporary back to wall toilets.

Choosing your Back To Wall Toilet

When installing your back to wall toilet you can fit it with a back to wall unit. This will complement the rest of your bathroom appliances and furniture. You can buy a back to wall toilet and unit that are already combined, we offer these in a variety of styles and colours to suit any bathroom.

Back to wall toilets are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners due to the fact they don't use up a lot of space. This makes them a great toilet option for cloakrooms or en-suites. We also offer a small range of compact back to wall toilets for extra small spaces with a shorter projection.

If cleaning if your priority when purchasing a toilet, a back to wall toilet would be perfect as there are no awkward angles that are out of reach. If your bathroom is struggling for storage space then a back to wall toilet could be a great option for you. This is because they can be a great place to store all your bathroom toiletries and cleaning products.

Our range of back to wall toilets does not require any support frames. This is as they fit into the corner where the wall meets the floor, making them popular with plumbers as they are easy to install. If you are specifically looking for a toilet to fit nicely into a corner, check out our Corner Toilets Range. All our back to wall toilets are made from high-quality materials and manufactured to a high standard so they are built to last.

How To Install A Back To Wall Toilet?

There's two ways to install a back to wall toilet. Firstly, you can hide cistern within wall, but you may need a stud wall/section to do this. Secondly, you can install back to wall toilet within a unit, so it's concealed which is less complicated. This prevents having to install cistern within the wall and unit can act as shelf. For more information check out our page on How to Install a Toilet

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