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Other Pipe Flashings

When you are building or constructing any roof, there are many important aspects to consider. One is to do with the pipes. Pipe Flashing is used where a pipe penetrates a roof, and Pipe Flashings are essentially pieces of material installed to prevent the passage of water into structures.

What are Pipe Flashings?

Pipe Flashings offer vital ventilation for any roof you work on, and work by extracting smoke from your fireplace or heating fumes from your boiler, and it is important that this is diffused to outside of your home, as a build- up could lead to excess smoke or water in your home. Pipe Flashings are important as they help to keep water from penetrating buildings in different areas, which makes buildings more durable and helps to reduce indoor mould problems, which can potentially lead to significant health problems when mould starts to grow in the home, all of which can be avoided or decreased by using Pipe Flashings. Pipe Flashing that is improperly installed can actually lead to water becoming directed into a building, the opposite desirable outcome, which is why it is important your Pipe Flashings are installed correctly. To ensure this, you may consider buying one of our Fixfast Pipe Flashings fixing kit, which will help to ensure you install your Pipe Flashings correctly.

Choosing your Pipe Flashing

The Fixfast fix kits we sell on our website are intended for use with metal roofs, so it is again important that you buy the right Fixfast kit. As well as the Fixfast fix kits we sell on our website to secure your Pipe Flashings in place, we also offer a great number of Pipe Flashings from the brand Fixfast, which come in a variety of colours and styles. We also offer Pipe Flashings from a number of other brands, such as Klober. Klober offers products such as the Klober Venduct Pipe Sealing Collar, another form of Pipe Flashings.

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