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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Explore our selection of vinyl flooring from brands including Malmo LVT.

Add a touch of splendour to your room with our Luxury Vinyl Flooring – we have a large selection of gorgeous modern designs to choose from, all made of high-quality vinyl with excellent durability and damage resistance. Vinyl Flooring can be manufactured to closely resemble natural materials like wood or stone, but without the drawbacks that such materials can sometimes bring. Vinyl Flooring is available in many realistic designs, including different colours, wood types and grain patterns, making it easy to find your perfect match. Another benefit to buying Vinyl Flooring is that it is cost-effective in comparison to genuine wood or ceramic flooring, saving you money and looking fantastic in the process.

While Vinyl Flooring is indeed a low-cost option overall, we also have many price options within that bracket to suit a variety of budgets. This means that you can buy Luxury Vinyl Flooring as cheaply as £29.77 a pack! Don’t worry though – even the most inexpensive designs look just as impressive and will turn heads of your friends and family alike. Our Vinyl Flooring pack sizes range from 1.37m2 to 3.34m2, and all the details are included clearly in the description box for each product, so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Make sure to take note of the individual plank lengths as well, because these can be very helpful when planning your Vinyl Flooring installation. If Vinyl Flooring isn't of particular interest to you, perhaps it is worth browsing our Engineered Wood Flooring Range.

One of the most popular Vinyl Flooring designs is Herringbone – a distinctive, modern V-shaped pattern of interlocking panels, that serves as an alternative to standard straight planking. We have three herringbone options in different natural wood shades to choose from. If you prefer a traditional parallel plank arrangement for your Vinyl Flooring, we again have plenty of colours and grains to match your personal style. Keep your flooring in top shape with our Flooring Accessories Page.

Need help deciding on the best flooring for you? Check out our Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring page. We also have a page available to how you all of the Flooring Trends for 2019, check it out!

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