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Dome Flat Roof Windows

Dome Rooflights

Dome Rooflights are widely used on many flat roof buildings due the wide range of options available in sizes, shapes, opening options and glazing types available.

They can be configured to suit every budget making them an affordable option for both residential and commercial projects.  Dome Rooflights are suitable for flat roofs and low pitched roofs where the pitch is no greater than 15 degrees.

Dome Skylights

This is the other name that these types of flat roof windows are traditionally known by. Dome Skylights are a robust safe option for many flat roofs and can be fixed or have a manual or automated option, which helps with ventilation, especially in commercial environments.

Flat Roof Polycarbonate Domes

Flat Roof Domes are made out of tough, robust polycarbonate which can stand damage from the elements and great for commercial environments, especially where access for regular maintenance can be a challenge.  Typically the windows are made of a high insulation PVC construction and have a double  which helps with insualtion.

Dome Rooflights and Dome Skylights

A flat roof dome is the ideal roof window for a number of reasons. Firstly it has excellent thermal insulation, which ensures that you will not experience any heat leakage through your roof windows.

In addition to this feature a flat roof dome window can provide great sound proofing. Should you have your dome roof windows installed in a bedroom, this will ensure a restful night’s sleep. A flat roof dome window ensures weatherproofing, durability as well as better security.

The double glazed flat roof dome window is covered with a polycarbonate dome, which makes them very energy efficient. This gives the windows an additional layer of protection against outside noise, and rain.

We believe that all our flat roof dome windows are excellent value for money, especially with our low trade pricing. 

Explore our range of flat roof domes available to order online.  If you require any further help please call our team on 01295 235536 

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