Underfloor Heating Mats

Fill your home with wonderful warmth by browsing our range of quality electric underfloor heating systems today.

Are underfloor heating mats safe?

As people look for more and more innovative ways to make their homes more efficient, underfloor heating has increased in popularity. Not only are all of our electric underfloor heating mats safe, reliable and from trusted brands, but they can also increase safety by eliminating the need for other bulkier and more dangerous heating solutions such as fires, radiators and fan heaters, making them a brilliant choice for families and busy homes.

What are the benefits of underfloor heating?

Unlike radiators, which can only radiate heat from only one area of your room, you will enjoy more effective heat distribution with underfloor heating. As the underfloor heating system is hidden, it creates space and is ideal for those who wish to enhance a sleek, modern feel to their homes. With the added luxury of easy to use, touchscreen interface thermostat controls, you can use even use your underfloor heating system to optimise both comfort and energy efficiency with multiple time and temperature settings

Where can I use underfloor heating mats?

Our electric underfloor heating mats are compatible with tile, stone, marble and slate floors so that whatever your style, you can still enjoy the benefits of having an underfloor heating system. You can use electric underfloor heating mats to control the temperature throughout your home - we are also proud to be able to offer underfloor heating mats for wet areas such as bath and shower rooms, to help you maintain consistency. Our electric underfloor heating systems are easy to use and low maintenance, making them ideal for almost any living space. Make your home a little cosier and let us take care of all your underfloor heating needs today!

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  1. Warmup DCM-PRO Mat - 1m2
    Warmup DCM-PRO Mat - 1m2
    £13.45 Inc. VAT
  2. Warmup Foil Underfloor Heating Kit
    Warmup Foil Underfloor Heating Kit
    As low as £50.99 Inc. VAT
  3. Warmup DCM-PRO Mat - 15m2
    Warmup DCM-PRO Mat - 15m2
    £201.79 Inc. VAT
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