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Kitchen Taps


Explore our range of kitchen taps from brands including Blanco, Reginox and Rangemaster.

The kitchen tap is the most used utensil in any home and therefore the most important. 

Kitchens are increasingly becoming a trendy room in a home, meaning attention to detail is key. Kitchen sink taps are becoming a fashion statement as well as a crucial kitchen tool. As designers are coming to realize the importance of the kitchen tap the products available are vastly growing. The design of kitchen taps is becoming more and more innovative making everyday life that little bit easier. Here at Building Supplies Online, we make sure to have a range of kitchen taps that conform to the needs of everyone. Our range includes Modern Kitchen Taps, Traditional Taps, Mixer Taps, Pull Out Kitchen Taps, Hot Water Taps and Filtered Water Taps. Whether you're choosing your tap on style or practicality we are sure you will find one that fulfills both.

Kitchen taps are an essential part of a modern kitchen and at Building Supplies Online we have a great range to ensure you get the kitchen taps to fit your needs. We offer all kinds of kitchen taps but our range focuses on kitchen mixer taps in particular.

Why choose a mixer tap for your kitchen taps?

  • Kitchen mixer taps are easier to use for the elderly, children, and people who have reduced strength and dexterity for other reasons. They allow close control of both the flow and temperature of the water using a single lever so can be easier to use for people who struggle to operate two traditional twisting taps.
  • Kitchen mixer taps allow you judge the temperature of the water immediately rather than at the end when you have filled your sink using separate kitchen taps for hot and cold water. This avoids the risk of scalding when testing a sink full of water than has been run hotter than expected.
  • Kitchen mixer taps can be more efficient and economical by allowing you to judge that you are filling your sink to the correct temperature so you don’t need to waste water topping up at the end to achieve the desired temperature.
  • Kitchen mixer taps offer a modern, stylish look so can be a centre piece of your kitchen as well as a functional tool.

We offer kitchen taps in all kinds of shapes, finishes, and sizes so you are sure to find kitchen taps that are ideal for your kitchen.

Our range of kitchen taps includes:

  • Monobloc units, needing one tap hole, and kitchen taps using two tap holes with separate inlet pipes for hot and cold water that are united into a mixer spout. So you can find kitchen taps to fit your existing sink whether it has one or two tap holes.
  • Kitchen taps with all shapes of mixer spout, including bars of different length and elevation, arches of various curvatures, and attractive swan-neck shapes, among others. Our products include fixed and poseable spouts, and even professional-style spray spouts that allow maximum control over the direction of water flow from your kitchen taps.
  • Numerous options of kitchen taps configurations, including one or two taps, traditional twisting taps to fit with your existing kitchen’s style, and lever-style taps for close control of temperature and flow at the same time.
  • A range of finishes including chrome, brushed steel, and metallic finishes in a huge range of colours from the trusted Blanco brand.

Our range includes over 400 products so you are sure to find the kitchen taps to suit your needs. Most are available as separate units to pair with your existing sink unit or unit chosen from our great range of kitchen sinks. Or you can choose from a number of products comprising kitchen taps and kitchen sinks from the Grohe brand, that ensure you get stylish, complementary products. In addition to the kitchen taps themselves we offer accessories for your kitchen taps such as instant hot water dispensers, and water filters, for greater convenience, and to suit your needs whatever your lifestyle.

Different tap styles offer different benefits. The super sleek modern tap range comes in an array of colours and shapes and brings a real statement piece to a kitchen. Designed by leading brands Blanco, Grohe, Reginox, Rangemaster, Aquamist, Abode, Insinkerator, FRANKE and Teka every tap is unique and rather exquisite. Choose from chrome mixer tap or rock grey Blanco Silgranit tap and update the look of your kitchen.

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Kitchen Taps Range Offer

  1. Image for Reginox Genesis Kitchen Sink Mixer - Chrome
    Reginox Genesis Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - Chrome
  2. Image for Reginox Genesis Kitchen Sink Mixer - White
    Reginox Genesis Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap - Chrome With White Handles
  3. Image for Reginox Amur Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
    Reginox Amur Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
  4. Image for Reginox Hudson Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
    Reginox Hudson Single Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
  5. Image for Reginox Thames Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap
    Reginox Thames Chrome Kitchen Mixer Tap
  6. Image for Reginox Brooklyn Chrome Dual Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap
    Reginox Brooklyn Chrome Dual Lever Mixer Kitchen Tap