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Summer Houses


Explore our range of Summer Houses from industry leading brand Forest Garden

When buying a summer house there are lots of different aspects to consider in order to ensure you are making the correct purchase for you and your household. Building Supplies Online has a large variety of Summer Houses to choose from and this depends on its use and the desired look.

Why Buy a Summer House?

Summer houses are outdoor wooden ‘Houses’ which typically have large windows allowing light to shine through and aesthetically pleasing features on to make a beautiful piece in your garden. Summer Houses are stereotypically used in the Summer; however, they can also be used in other seasons with plug in heaters which can be very cosy in the Winter.

There are a variety of different Summer houses to consider these include:

Traditional Summer Houses

These are built to fit the stereotypical, classic summer house which typically features beautiful Georgian style windows and French doors with a flat roof.

Contemporary Summer Houses

For a more modern and fashionable feature in your garden that come in a range of shapes and deigns. Other options include;

  • Corner summerhouses
  • Small summer houses
  • Log cabin summer houses
  • Summerhouse sheds

Summer houses are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of different purposes depending on the owner and their wishes, some of these are the typical summer houses uses however there are also more “out there” ideas. Typically, summer houses are used as storage for within the Garden for various things such as garden tools, furniture or toys.

Are Summer Houses Secure?

Summer houses are perfect for protecting your belongings from weather and being stolen as they can also be locked for extra security. Summer houses can also be used as a shed for;

  • Tools
  • Bikes
  • Camping Gear 

Therefore not actually used to sit in but allow a more appealing look on the outside for your garden. Alternatively, summer houses are great to create the perfect play room for your child! It is somewhere for your children to go and play which is outside the house and can entertain them for hours whilst also giving you a bit of peace or time to do the chores.

It allows them to have a bit of independence and play inside and outside safely. In addition to this summer houses make great storage for toys, meaning less clutter in the home. Another purpose of a summer house could be an outside living room/relaxation area. These can be brilliant for all seasons, in the summer it would make a lovely space for cooling down and relaxing on a comfy sofa with the doors open at the same time as appreciating the summer warmth.

Other Uses for your Summer House

Alternatively, in the winter it would make a lovely cosy space with a portable heater. In addition to this, a summer house could be used as a contemporary office/work space, it allows you to leave the house and get peace and quiet away from family to really concentrate on work in a homely environment.

An office summer house for people who work from home is perfect, it allows you to block out the distractions of being at home such as family, the television and pets and get on with work in your own private space.

Keeping your Summer House Clean

Maintenance to consider when buying a summer house:

Summerhouses need to be regularly cleaned, this helps to reduce the smell of damp and it also is a good time to check the overall condition of your summerhouse (if anything needs fixing). Insect control- Being in the garden it is likely that creepy crawlies will enter your summer house, to prevent this you can use pesticides, minimise water and cut down surrounding trees.

You will need to manage dampness, this can be done by minimising surrounding water and vegetation. Overall, Summerhouses would make a brilliant feature in any garden, they are highly functional and handy to have but are also aesthetically pleasing.

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