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Lead Alternatives

Lead Alternatives are a cheaper, safer alternative to lead that provides your home with the weather protection that you need.

Lead Alternatives are very similar to lead but with added benefits. Lead replacement is cheap and therefore not susceptible to lead theft meaning you can be worry-free. You will be saving money and the environment. Made from non -toxic substances, Lead alternatives are better for handling, infrastructure and health. Not only are lead alternatives extremely light but they are very quick and easy to install. The flexibility of lead alternatives means it can be moulded to contour your roof perfectly, giving you a strong weather resistance on your home.

Range And Application Of Lead Alternative 

Here at BSO we sell a huge range of lead and lead flashing alternatives. Selling brands such as Ubiflex, klober, Forticrete, Harcon, Hambleside & Danelaw and Metrotile we are sure you will be satisfied with your lead alternative purchase. The non-toxic benefit of Lead alternative means you can be more versatile with how you use lead-free alternatives. Some examples of application include, stepped flashings, abutment flashings, chimney flashings pitched valley lining and rooflights or solar panels.

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