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Ubiflex Lead Alternative

If you don’t want to use traditional lead flashing for your roof, there are various other materials available instead.

What is Ubiflex Flashing?

One of our popular Lead Flashing Alternatives is the Ubiflex flashing, which we sell in a variety of thicknesses. Ubiflex is a grey-coloured material made from aluminium mesh and bitumen, and is sold in rolls of up to 12 metres in length. Ubiflex is light, easy to install and fully recyclable – all of which make it an excellent substitute for lead when waterproofing roof and wall junctions.

Although they are made differently, Lead Flashing Alternatives still have the appearance of lead if visual similarity is important for the project. Many Lead Flashing Alternatives are developed to be easier to work with than lead, so often take away much of the hassle associated with installation. Not only does Ubiflex accomplish this, but it is also designed to withstand any weather, even in the most adverse conditions such as hail or thunder storms. It works just as well no matter what the external temperature and will not lose effectiveness in extreme heat or coldness. Many Lead Flashing Alternatives such as Ubiflex can also be fitted in weather that is not ideal, as dampness will not affect the installation process. The malleability of Ubiflex means that it can be worked to fit the area fully.

Choosing your Ubiflex Flashing

You can cut strips to the required lengths so there is little chance of wastage. This is particularly helpful if your structure has awkward junctions that would not be accommodated properly by traditional methods. As well as the different thicknesses, our Ubiflex rolls come in a range of widths. You will need to choose your product depending of the width of the area to be covered. The narrowest roll we sell is 150mm wide, while the broadest is 1000mm.

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