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Cement & Aggregates

Our website has a range of building aggregates to suit your building requirements and in a range of different options from good quality trusted brands.

We offer a number of cement dyes which are used to create coloured concrete making your options when building more versatile and giving more decorative options. We have a number of liquid and powder cement dyes available dependant upon your needs and the range of colours for our cement dye mean that you will be able to choose how to colour the cement to best suit your plan.

We also have a number of building chemicals available including options to treat and protect wood against termites, fungal decay and structural decay and helping to prolong the life of your wood but there are also building chemicals to treat an existing problem in your wood such as woodworm helping to keep your wood strong and protected. Also as treatments for wood we have water sealants to protect and wood glues to fix them. There are building chemicals including patio treatments to protect and preserve your patio including weed treatment and options to protect the cement in between.

Other aggregates available on our website include bonding agents and mortar dyes to mix with concrete when building. The mortars we have are good quality brands used for building with bricks helping to keep the bricks together and provides structural stability to your project. The mortars are not as strong as concrete but are used as a glue to bind bricks together. We have mortar mix that is premixed, rapid set mortar mix and fire and flue mortar. We also have a number of liquid or premixed floor levelling compounds to help with your floor laying to make sure the base is easy to work from.

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