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Decorative Stones & Gravel

Explore our range of Decorative Stones & Gravel from industry leading brand Tarmac Building Products. Decorative Stones are a form of decorative aggregate and can be used to bring life to different areas of your property just through a small simple addition. Our range of Decorative Stones is supplied by Tarmac Building Products, Wallbarn, and Bradstone.

These well-known brand names have been crafting products for years. Each of which specialises in areas regarding improvements of your property outdoors.

Why chose Decorative Stones?

Decorative stones aren't always the first thought you get when considering improving the look of your property outdoors. However, the opportunities to change the look and design of your property are endless. This comes with the different colours, sizes and types of decorative stones available. The fact that Decorative Stones aren't the most popular choice means that they add a unique look to your household which you don't often see.

Decorative Stones can be used to bring a traditional or contemporary ambiance to your property, without overwhelming you with different colours and styles. You can use decorative stones where ever you see fit, due to the fact that they have no specific areas of application.

For example, you can use decorative stones as a walkway, pair them with singular slabs as stepping stones to give visitors a pathway around your property. This is a traditional style in Japan. These pathways are created from same colour decorative stones to add a traditional style to your garden. This can be used to keep anyone from stepping onto parts of your property where they are not welcome.

Surround a water feature such as a pond or fountain with decorative stones to add a rustic, natural look to your water feature. Decorative stones are perfect when you want to to have drainage and erosion control. If you use gravel at the bottom of plant pots it creates a drainage foundation for flowers.

You can also lay decorative stones down as a foundation to put potted plants on, to bring attention to the plant life, giving them a pedestal which visually enhances them. Decorative stones also suppress the rate of weed growth. You can use decorative stones in conjunction with weed killer to create an aesthetically pleasing look which is also efficient in keeping weeds away.

Gravel and decorative stones can be used as a patio base as well. The best product to use underneath a patio is processed gravel. This type of decorative stone has a mixture of fines that aid in compaction, it essentially looks like sand with rocks in it. In the summer decorative stones can be more desirable than bark for decorative uses. This is because generally decorative stones absorb more heat than bark. This can aid the soil by keeping it cool and moist throughout the heatwave and the keep plant life alive. The only disadvantage of this is that decorative stones can be sharp.

Which Decorative Stones?

Although they may seem the same, different Decorative Stones should be used for different purposes. Decorative stones which are slate chippings are more desirable for areas surrounding ponds, or pathways. This is because these decorative stones are prone to break and crumble under prolonged amounts of stress like cars or other heavy objects.

Pebble Decorative Stones are perfect for pathways as well as they have rounded edges which make them safer to walk on with bare feet. As well as pathways, you can also use these decorative stones for landscaping as they create a perfectly natural looking pedestal. Gravel Decorative Stones are ideal for driveways and paths. This is because these decorative stones are sturdy and one of the cheapest options on the market. As well as this, these decorative stones are almost maintenance free.

How to install Decorative stones and gravel 

There are essentially 3 steps to installing your decorative stones or gravel. Dependent on what you are trying to achieve with your decorative stones will also change certain aspects of how to install them. The first step is getting inspiration and preparing the ground for the decorative stones.

It is best not to jump to conclusion on what colours or where you want to install your decorative stones. Take time in deciding where you want them and what style you want them. Perhaps tour a local garden centre or public parks to see if they can inspire you with their designs. After that you need to measure the area of space you are installing your decorative stones.

Carefully plan where you are installing the decorative stones. Use a tape, measure or a measuring tool to get the exact measurements you need. Measuring the area will give you an idea on how many decorative stones you need. You then need to prepare the area in which you are placing your decorative stones.

This includes removing all grass, weeds and debris in the chosen location. Along with this you should check that there is adequate drainage in the chosen. You could even install a weed mat to prevent the growth of weeds under your decorative stones. Choosing your decorative stones is the next big step. It is best to consider size, quantity and style of decorative stones.

Our range of decorative stones and gravel offer you a wide variety. All of our decorative stones can be used for different designs, and these can create different ambiances. Once you have got your decorative stones to your location it is time to start applying them. Installing decorative stones is a very manual and labour intensive job. It is always worth considering getting an extra pair of hands involved, to speed up the process and also make the task easier. Use your decorative stones in all the desired areas of the garden. You can arrange them by hand once they are in the allotted spot.

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