GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing

A Fibreglass flat roof is commonly known as the GRP roofing system.

What is Fibreglass Flat Roofing?

This fibregalsss flat roof has a life span of at least 30 years. When installing a fibreglass flat roof it must be installed when the temperature if above 5 degrees centigrade. Any resins and top coats that are used for the must be suitable for a fibreglass flat roof as if the incorrect laminate is used then leakages and can occur. Decking should be installed on the fibreglass flat roof and be of tongue and groove design

It should be attached to the fibreglass flat roof using nails and screws. You will also need to ensure the tongue and groove boards are face up so the resin can run into it when the laminate is installed to the fibreglass flat roof. Edge trims for the fibreglass flat roof is made in GRP roofing system and must be installed by nails or screws and attached to the decking boards. Laminating for the fibreglass flat roof must be planned with ideal weather conditions as the warmer the temperature the quicker the resin dries on the fibreglass flat roof.

Lay the laminate in runs and don’t step on the laminate already installed on the fibreglass flat roof. Once you have installed the laminate to the fibreglass flat roof then apply the top coat as soon as possible ideally not leaving it overnight. You should not be able to move the glass fibres within the resin. Ensure your top coats are even and then leave for a couple of days to fully cure. Do not use bleach or any strong alkali on the fibreglass flat roof to clean the fibreglass flat roof. Maybe install a few planters to give it a different look on top of the fibreglass flat roof.

Choosing your Fibreglass Flat Roofing

At Building Supplies Online we supply all the materials you need to install the roofing system as well as acting as a membrane to waterproof the flat roof area. These include the fibreglass sheets, adhesives and the metal edges to install the roofing. Building Supplies Online is a one stop shop for all your fibreglass flat roofing materials.

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