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Log Cabins

Explore our range of log cabins products from industry leading brand Forest Garden

A leading supplier of all things DIY, our Log Cabins are no exception. The perfect addition to any garden or land, our Log Cabins cater to all ages, providing home comforts outside of the household all year round.

The perks of such a fantastic investment may seem obvious, but Building Supplies Online strives to provide their customers with all the necessary information before your purchase, to ensure buyer satisfaction with a Log Cabin, guaranteed to be the envy of all your friends.

Why Buy a Log Cabin?

  • These mini homes are the ultimate symbol of versatility, not just in their design, but in their potential uses.
  • From a guest bedroom, to a games room or just a space to get away from it all, the opportunities of how to utilise your Log Cabin space are infinite. This makes our Log Cabins an unbeatable purchase for any buyer who wishes for a little extra space to complete the home they have always dreamt of.
  • The Log Cabin interior, a sun-trapping canvas, purposed to accomplish your decorating ambitions, is only half of the product’s beauty. Some people believe that maximising the use of your garden means having to surrender style and comfort.
  • Our Log Cabins eradicate this myth by proving their ability to dynamically utilise your available space, modernising your outdoors in a stylish way that only improves the homely nature of your living environment.
  • Whether your Log Cabin is for business or leisure, you can be assured of its sleek yet classic design, both inside and out.

What Log Cabins do we Offer?

Forest Garden uses timber of the most optimal quality in the construction of their Log Cabins, guaranteeing the maximum endurance and flawless appearance of your Log Cabin. They understand the personal nature of a Log Cabin purchase.

This is why our company offers an abundance of options when it comes to the window, door and roof design of your Log Cabin. We offer professional guidance on how to choose your Log Cabin design, most suited to the needs of your environment and your Log Cabin’s intended function.

How to Find the Log Cabin Style Right for you

The roof of your Log Cabin is an important feature no matter the purpose of your personal Log Cabin. We provide the advantages and characteristics of all the roof styles on offer before giving you the chance to choose the one best suited to you. From the traditional ‘Apex’ Log Cabin roof to the more modern ‘Pent’ roof, the aspirations of all buyers are accounted for.

The intended function of your Log Cabin may influence your chosen window and door designs, a crucial part of optimising the vison for your Log Cabin. For example, Full Pane doors and windows will benefit those trying to create a bright, natural atmosphere for a home gym outside of the house. Those looking to increase their available home space, by turning their Log Cabin into the ultimate guest bedroom, Euro style windows and doors are the only answer.

Any of the window and door styles we offer can be classically paired with any of our premier Blind Range, augmenting the aesthetic value of your Log Cabin, whilst ensuring the good night’s rest of your friends and family staying over in the holiday seasons.

How to Prepare for your New Log Cabin

  • Assessing the purpose and location of your Log Cabin is essential to ensuring you choose the best Log Cabin for your needs.
  • Be sure to measure your allocated Log Cabin space before making your purchase.
  • A sturdy base will help ensure the longevity of your new Log Cabin. Whether you choose from the popular concrete format to the quality paving flag options, these will help the installation of your Log Cabin proceed with ease.
  • A frequent concern of potential Log Cabin buyers is whether they will need planning permission. We advise our customers to consult their local councils as a formality, however the majority of garden structures will not need any official permission for their construction and maintenance.
  • We're here to offer their customers the highest quality of DIY and domestic related structures, furniture and tools available on the market, while personally investing into the realisation of the individual customer’s vision for their dream home.
  • We offer Log Cabins that are are the epitome of this mission, harnessing quality materials to create an accommodating and versatile space suited to the needs of any customer.
  • Let us help you complete your dream home aspirations. From an indoor cinema to an off-site office, we will provide the Log Cabin that is right for you and your home.

Buy one of our finest Log Cabins from the Building Supplies Online website today at:

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