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Explore our range of Kitchen Sinks from brands including Rangemaster, Reginox and SMEG.

At Building Supplies Online we offer a huge range of kitchen sinks including from top brands such as Blanco, Franke, Grohe and Reginox.

The kitchen is the most frequently used room in the home. So it is essential to choose the right kitchen sinks for your kitchen so you can make the most of the hub of your household. Kitchen sinks can vary quite widely. You need to ensure you choose kitchen sinks that will meet all of your needs, for the kitchen jobs that you do most often.

But you also want kitchen sinks that complement the look and style of your kitchen. Our kitchens are increasingly popular as a place for entertaining casual and formal guests. So you will want to choose kitchen sinks that are attractive and make your kitchen a place where you will be proud to entertain.

Our enormous range of kitchen sinks includes over 1000 choices of kitchen sinks. We also offer accessories for your kitchen sinks including;

  • Waste disposal units
  • Built-in water filters for cleaner, better tasting drinking water
  • Kitchen taps

So you are sure to find the right choice for you in the Building Supplies Online range of kitchen sinks.

How to Choose your Kitchen Sink

Our kitchen sink range includes the ever popular stainless steel and ceramic sinks. Likewise you will find our kitchen sink choices vary in shape options. These include square, rectangle and round to accommodate your kitchen sink requirements.

Our kitchen sink choice of colours is extensive. These range from the traditional and elegant stainless steel and white to the more sleek and contemporary colours of pearl grey, black, cream, metallic, coffee and many more updating your kitchen to the latest fashionable looks.

Ceramic is a great choice if you are seeking a kitchen sink to be incorporated in a traditional and country style kitchen. Our stainless steel and our coloured kitchen sink range is for you if you're after a contemporary look. When choosing on a kitchen sink it is important to decide on the daily duties your kitchen sink performs.

At Building Supplies Online you will find a large range of unique styles to match any kitchen need and space. Even having a choice of a corner kitchen sink unit with the practical option of a draining board in the middle.

You will find some of our kitchen sinks can incorporate accessories. These include integrated chopping boards and draining baskets. Which will add further versatility and practicality to your sink. A kitchen sink can be a focal point to your kitchen and without doubt is an integral part of everyday kitchen and utility room functionality.

With such a selection of kitchen sinks it can be helpful to narrow down what you are looking for from your kitchen sinks to make your choice easier to make. A straightforward way to help choose between kitchen sinks is to ask yourself some of the following questions;

Do you Want Kitchen Sinks that are Drop-In or Under Mount?

Standard drop-in kitchen sinks can be easier to fit and offer more options. These include kitchen sinks which incorporate a draining board. Providing a specially designed area to help with drying and draining washing up. Under mount kitchen sinks are a more modern alternative for home kitchens and help provide a striking, attractive look.

Under mount kitchen sinks help you to maximise counter top space, and to keep those counter tops clean.

Do you Want Single or Double Kitchen Sinks?

If you are a cooking or baking enthusiast and create large amounts of washing up you might prefer double kitchen sinks. Single kitchen sinks are usually smaller and less expensive than double kitchen sinks. These may be a better choice for smaller kitchens or if you have a tighter budget.

What Material Kitchen Sinks are Best for you?

Stainless steel is a popular and easy to care for material that is durable and long lasting. Stainless steel complements most designs and looks of kitchen.

If you prefer a more traditional look you might consider our ceramic kitchen sinks. Available in regular shapes and models. Our eye-catching Belfast kitchen sinks complement traditional looks like the farmhouse kitchen style.

For a striking modern look you could choose from our selection of composite-granite kitchen sinks. These are made from modern materials such as silgranit and neo-rock. These composite material kitchen sinks are made from approximately 80% granite. So provide the durability and strength of stone, but are also non-porous, resistant to scratches, stains, and heat. These available in a range of natural and modern colours.

What Finish do I Want for my Kitchen Sinks?

What finish of kitchen sinks you want will often depend on the look you already have in your kitchen.

We have stainless steel kitchen sinks in brushed and polished finishes. These include glazed white ceramic kitchen sinks, and composite material kitchen sinks. All available in a range of natural and modern colours. So our range includes kitchen sinks to complement all styles and looks of kitchen.

When choosing your kitchen sink you will find our range of sinks come in a variety of options regarding the number of bowls and draining boards too.

Our kitchen sink range now come in options of having just one bowl or multiple bowls. A single bowl will usually be deeper than a multiple bowl. This allows you to wash larger items more easily however the choice of two bowls allows you complete a variety of tasks simultaneously. You also have the option of having one or two draining boards with your kitchen sink. You may choose to have a single bowl or find you actually have the need and space to accommodate a double bowl with a draining board on one side or both sides.

Some of our sinks are reversible. This means there is a double hole option with the sink to insert your tap. If you are opting for one draining board you have the option of installing it on the left or right side of your kitchen sink. Giving you the option to place your tap in the choice of holes.

Kitchen Sink Accessories

Our range of Kitchen Sink Accessories includes;

  • Modern and traditional kitchen taps
  • Filtered water taps
  • Plumbing kits
  • Waste kits

To assist with daily sink functionality you will also find an array of soap dispensers. These can be installed within your kitchen sink as well as colanders and wire baskets. These sit within the kitchen sink and can be removed easily as and when you wish. We offer a choice of integrated chopping boards which sit within the sink again being highly functional and practical.

If you have any questions at all to assist you in choosing a kitchen sink please don't hesitate to give us a call. Join us on live chat where we will be of course happy to help.

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