Internal Bifold Doors

Internal Bifold Doors


Internal Bi-fold Doors add character to a room, Internal Folding Doors open spaces to create more light and space.

Internal Bifold Doors are an excellent feature for any home. They are the perfect solution to creating additional space and light, through a seamless transition between rooms.  Internal Folding Doors have become very popular lately as people want to enjoy the benefits of flexible living that folding doors can create.  Opening up spaces with the option of privacy when needed.  Both solid and internal folding glass doors are available in many different styles and finishes.

Our Range of Internal Bifold Doors

We offer a great selection of internal bifold doors that enable you to create a modern or traditional feel for your home, such as these XL Joinery internal bifold doors with glass and internal bifold doors white.  Interior bifold doors can come in many different finishes such as;

  • Internal oak bifold doors
  • Walnut internal bifold doors
  • Pine internal bifold doors

Internal Bi-fold doors are a beautiful design feature that will fill your home with natural light and give your home a huge sense of freshness and daylight. Not only will they allow more light in they will make your space look a lot larger. They are perfect for creating extensions or separating two rooms such as your kitchen and living area. Internal folding door room dividers are a much more affordable option than many think and can prove a great investment for your home.

Choosing your Bi-fold Internal Doors

Internal bifold doors are ideal to create a flexible living space as they use all the benefits that internal folding doors have to offer.  For privacy a non-glazed option is ideal and we have a great range of non-glazed internal bifold doors to choose from.  If letting light through your living space is the most important factor in choosing your internal folding doors, then exploring the range of beautiful internal bifold doors with glass will really help you to make that decision.

With so many styles to choose from, whether you are looking for a traditional panelled style, shaker, contemporary, white, pine or oak, explore our stunning selection of internal bifold doors with glass

Internal bifold doors can really finish off a room and add to the overall look and feel. Using folding doors can save space.  A favourite with interior designers as internal bifold doors can transform a family space from an open light through the room for a growing family to a cosy, intimate evening space.  Interior bifold doors can also be used in other areas of the home, especially where a full-width door can be impractical or just takes up too much space. 

Internal bifold doors work well for smaller homes when space is at a premium and mean that you can plan your layout with having to worry about large doors.  Dressing rooms and ensuite bathrooms can really benefit from folding doors too and as you are able to choose interior bifold doors that match your normal doors your room the effect is great.

Internal Folding Door Styles

There are various styles and sizes of internal folding doors to choose from that cater for the opening dimensions as well as the overall look and feel of your home. These include internal bifold doors that are the same width as a standard door, designed to replace a normal door when the convenience of a bi-fold door is preferred.  The styles available from our suppliers will complement existing door choices in your home.

For example the JB Kind Cottage Thames bifold door is part of the Cottage Thames range so all of your doors can match.  The folding doors can be glazed, wood finish, white or primed ready for you to paint to your interior requirements.

If you are looking to have internal folding doors across a larger area this can be done with 3 or 4 doors to create a fantastic wide room divider. The JCI range of folding doors are available in oak veneer or white.

Qualities of Bi-fold Internal Doors

Beautifully made in many different finishes there are so many bifold internal doors to choose from.  Our range includes a great selection from XL Joinery, LPD Doors, JB Kind Jeld-Wen and JCI with a range choice of different woods, finishes, including oak, walnut, pine and white plus bifold interior doors with glass come in a variety of glazed styles.

With the larger room dividers they will open and fold back on themselves and then fold back on to the wall, giving you a completely open room effect if desired. The mechanism and functionality of the internal folding doors range work exceptionally well and add real value to a room.

How Many Internal Bi-fold Doors do I Need?

Once you have measured the width of the door frame or if it is a new project the architect will let you know the size needed, you will be able to look at the door dimensions on our product pages and then see which size of internal folding door you need to choose. The normal size of Internal Bi-fold doors includes three folding doors. We do have Internal Bi-fold doors available which have more door panels. These Internal Bi-fold doors are a good choice if you have a larger opening or open plan room.

You can also install Internal Bi-fold doors that have an even number of doors however most homeowners find these harder to operate as when you open the door you have to open two doors at the same time. The video on our How to Choose the Best Bi-folding Doors page will show you how the doors operate and will help you choose the ideal number of internal folding doors you feel will look right in your home.

How to Install Internal Bi-fold Doors

Installing Internal Bi-fold Doors isn't as difficult as it may seem. In fact, customers tell us that installing internal folding doors is actually easier than installing any external door and doesn't require a lot of specialist tools. Once the runners are in place all you need to do is fit the doors slowly and systematically. 

If you need additional help with door installation, please find our guide on standard door sizes

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