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Filtered Water Taps

Kitchen tap water filters are a healthy, modern addition to your kitchen.

Although tap water filters are practical, everyone knows the style of your built-in tap water purifier is just as important as use; which is why our kitchen water filters are both functional and stylish. Kitchen tap water filters are a great way to supply stylish, pure fresh water to your home.

Choosing your Kitchen Tap Water Filter

At building supplies online, we offer taps equipped with tap water filters which turn ordinary tap water into fresh water, by removing all organic impurities. Tap filters offer improved tasting water not only taking out impurities such as lead, copper and aluminium but also leaving all the essential, beneficial minerals so you can have quality drinking water straight from your tap.

How to Water Filter Systems work?

Water filter systems also remove the need to buy bottled water therefore are not only good for homes looking for quality water but also for those looking to reduce waste and in turn save money. All our kitchen taps are equipped with modern tap technology meaning even our water filter faucets have good water flow and are durable. With quality brands such as Teka we offer taps equipped with features such as anti-scale aerator, stopping lime scale build up for even more hygienic tap water. Choosing your kitchen tap water filter The range in styles of kitchen tap water filters we offer allows your new kitchen tap to fit in with your home.

The variety of features of our tap water filters allows for individual style to be added to your choice of tap filter, whether a single or double lever mixer tap is of best fit. Lever taps are also available in ceramic or chrome. All this makes our tap filters a practical and stylish design choice for your kitchen.

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