Metal Stud Partitioning

If you are looking to make extra rooms in your house or building, whether that be an extra bedroom, en-suite bathroom or even a home office, incorporating a Metal Stud Wall might be your best option.

What is a Metal Stud Wall?

A metal stud wall is essentially a standard wall that is built together with studs to support a walls structure. The metal stud wall is then attached together with either drywall or plasterboard.

Why Metal Stud Partitioning?

Making extra rooms by using a Metal Stud Wall is a much easier and cheaper option than the alternative of moving to a house with more rooms, which is why many people will opt to use a Metal Stud Partition to create extra rooms within their homes or buildings. A Metal Stud Wall comprises of Metal Stud Framing secured to floor, ceiling, and walls, and is then covered with plasterboard. Building a Metal Stud Wall is a fairly easy job when a Metal Stud Partition is installed correctly.

How to build a Metal Stud Wall 

Before building your Metal Stud Wall, you may want to consider your design options, and things like plumbing or heating depending on what room you wish to build with Metal Stud Framing. If your Metal Stud Partition wall is going to make a bathroom, you may have to consider the plumbing that will need to be put in before installing the plasterboard. Similarly, you may want to consider adding insulation to your wall, which is done by simply fitting an insulation slab between the Metal Stud Framing before applying the plasterboard to your Metal Stud Wall. A Metal Stud Partition has many benefits, one is that due to the material it is made from, a Metal Stud Partition will never rot or warp, unlike a more traditional wooden stud. Browse the large range of Metal Stud Partition on our website now, suitable for use to build any Metal Stud Wall.

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