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Bidet Range

A timeless classic, the Bidet has kept the same shape and style for years and is slowly becoming a must have fitting in the bathroom.

We offer an abundance of Bidet styles and brands.

From Modern Bidets with contemporary mixers such as Roca to Traditional Bidets with crosshead taps such as Bayswater. Used as an alternative way to clean yourself after using the toilet, the Bidet looks very much like a toilet but without the seat. This adds an air of luxury to your bathroom.

Our Range of Bidets

Extensively used right around the world and now increasingly here in the UK, the bidet is becoming a must have addition to British bathrooms. This hygiene conscious tool is becoming increasingly popular in the domestic market. The many reasons for choosing a bidet are more widely understood.

A bidet is considered a more hygienic and acceptable cleansing option than using toilet paper or just toilet paper alone. It's gentle yet thorough cleaning action results in a refreshing cleansing experience. After using the toilet next to which the bidet is positioned.

A Bidet is still a more popular piece of bathroom equipment in other areas of Europe than here in the UK.

Although recently this has begun to change. A bidet is often part of a bathroom suite set, so if you are planning a bathroom refit or revamp you may well consider adding a bidet.

A bidet is ideal to enhance your personal cleansing and care routine. It can be especially good for persons with mobility problems as you are able to sit down on the bidet to wash.

Basically, you should use the bidet to wash after using the toilet. This may save money on toilet paper and for some nationalities, this is the preferred method as it is seen as more hygienic. When choosing a bidet you will see they are available in wall hung or floor standing in the same way as toilets.

Wall hung can be useful as you can set the bidet to the correct height for yourself. Floor standing models are not so adjustable, but may be practical if the wall behind the bidet would need reinforcing for a wall hung model.

Why Choose a Bidet?

Using a bidet can offer other important benefits to the user alongside its primary function.

Installing a bidet can reduce your requirement for toilet paper. Over time can result in a substantial financial saving, particularly in busy households. Worthy of note too that the reduction in toilet paper makes choosing a bidet an environmentally friendly decision. Buyers are now increasingly conscious of paper usage in daily life and a bidet installation can go some way to lessen it's requirement.

Our large range of bidets are available in a choice of styles from the chic contemporary through to classically traditional. They can also be co-ordinated with your existing bathroom fittings.

They can be included in your cohesive bathroom suite or simply a matching item of sanitary ware alongside your toilet. Our bidet options include back to wall bidets, wall hung bidets and floor standing bidets. Back to wall bidets and wall hung bidets disguise plumbing and pipework for a sleek, uncluttered look and offer ease of cleaning.

We have carefully selected a diverse choice of bidets from industry leaders such as;

  • Roca
  • Ideal Standard
  • Bayswater
  • Burlington

All our bidets are made to a high standard, constructed from durable materials and involve a simple installation process. With their breadth of advantages and stylish appearance, we believe our superb range of bidets will inspire to you personalise your bathroom with this now increasingly popular item in your sanitary suite.

Choosing your Bidet

There are many different styles of bidet, so there will be one to fit every bathroom. Some are designed to be space saving and fit neatly into a small space, which is ideal for an ensuite or smaller bathroom.

You will be able to purchase a matching toilet and bidet or a whole bathroom suite with a bidet included. Some bidets have built-in taps and others need taps bought separately, this is a good option as you can choose the style of tap that suits you best.

A bidet is made from easy to keep clean porcelain. By using a bidet you will probably use less toilet paper. So will be more environmentally friendly and less likely to encounter blocked pipes. A Bidet offers a number of benefits to your health but people don't realise the impact it has on the environment. By using a Bidet you can eliminate almost 90% of your toilet paper use. By cutting back on your toilet paper consumption, you can help reduce overall paper waste. Over the last few years Bidet Seats have become more popular providing a more relaxing cleaning experience . They are a great alternative to using toilet paper.

We offer Bidets in a variety of both modern and traditional styles, including back to wall bidets, wall hung bidets and floor standing bidets. Our back to wall bidets are a great way of hiding unsightly plumbing and pipework and look very neat and tidy.

Our wall hung bidets also hide any pipework and plumbing however are raised off the floor making them easier to clean. This design of bidet also gives the illusion of more space, making them a great addition to any small bathroom.

Our small selection of floor standing bidets aren't attached to the wall making the plumbing visible. These are easier to maintain and install. Our cleverly designed range of bidets are affordable and all come in a white finish to give a clean appeal and the illusion of more space.

Our bidets can be bought in conjunction with other bathroom products if you're going for a complete bathroom revamp or on their own.

The Bidet originally came from France. Since the early 18th Century the Bidet has been growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. Bidets save time, effort and money making them an all round ideal purchase.

Our Bidet range is supplied by 7 Brands. Making up the bulk of our range is Ideal Standard. their Bidets are some of the most popular due to their simplistic designs and their reliability. However sometimes simplistic isn't always the best. Our Burlington Bidets offer traditional styles along with reliability. These Bidets can help bring a traditional style to your bathroom along with being high-quality goods.

Our Roca Bidets offer seat covers. This isn't always a standard for Bidets, but this does add a desirable aspect to Roca's range. Our Bidet range includes all shapes and sizes suitable for different sizes of bathrooms. To understand our full range browse for our Bidet category using our filters to find the perfect bidet for you and your bathroom.

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