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Shop our insulation range from worldwide leaders Rockwool.

Who are Rockwool?

Rockwool insulation solutions for homeowners across the globe. Their products combine fire, acoustic and thermal properties and are used in roofs, walls and floors. Their insulation products can be used in domestic, industrial and commercial buildings making their range a great choice for any project.

Rockwool Insulation Making a Choice

When choosing your Rockwool insulation products, it is worth considering the following; 

  • The size of the area you are looking to insulate
  • The thickness of the insulation you are looking to use

The RW Slab range is used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation and consists of high-quality resin bonded slabs. They are available in 100mm, 75mm and 50mm thicknesses. The Rockwool Insulation cavity wall products are made up of lightweight batts which considerably reduce heat loss. The risk of condensation is also reduced.

Rockwool Insulation Benefits

  • It is a great insulator, which is an important feature as it helps to maintain a consistent room temperature
  • It prevents mould and mildew because of its breathable properties which allow moisture to travel through it
  • It has great sound insulating properties, so can help with sound reduction which is great if you live on a busy road
  • Its stone wool fibres can withstand a lot of heat without melting, therefor making it very good at resisting fire
  • Rockwool is flexible and can fit in any shape making it very easy to install
  • It had a very long lifespan, making it very good value for money
  • It is made from renewable volcanic rock which is recyclable making it environmentally friendly

When working with Rockwool it is advisable to wear gloves to protect your hands and clothing as it can be irritating to your skin.

How Long does it Last?

Insulation in general lasts a lot longer than many homeowners think. Typically, Rockwool Insulation has a lifespan of around 70 years. Before you dismiss the need to replace yours, this lifespan is for ideal conditions only. There are a number of factors that could damage the lifespan of your products, these include water damage from roof leaks or condensation, this could also lead to mould forming.

Additionally, if Rockwool insulation products have been punctured it can render its effectiveness. This is because over time the gaps become dirty and logged with dust. It has advantages against regular degradation. This is due to its density and rot proof material.

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    Rockwool Flexi Insulation Slab (Multi Purpose)
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