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Building Materials

Building Materials Range Offer

Whether you are looking to build a wall, replaster, insulate or even need timber for a project we have a number of options that could suit your needs. The variety of materials available is extensive, each offering many variations.

The choice of which one to use therefore becomes more complex. Building Supplies Online stocks an array of products suitable for everyone, from the DIY enthusiast to larger-scale projects!

Alternatively, if you are looking for sundry products, such as a new ladder or need to restock on screws, nails and fixing, or tools to help you complete the task we have those too.


The use of building materials is vast and they can be incorporated into a number of different projects, for example;

  • Refurbishing your home
  • Garage Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Garden Alterations 
  • Laying a Patio
  • Road Construction


Both naturally occurring and man-made substances are used in construction. The manufacturing of these substances has become a well-established industry. The distribution and use of the materials is typically segmented into specific trades such as; carpentry, plumbing, roofing and insulation work.

As mentioned above, construction materials can be split into natural and synthetic;

Natural refers to those which are unprocessed or have minimal processing, such as timber or glass.

Also, within this category comes cement and stone, the simplest of all building materials. Cement is generally used to fill in the space between bricks or stone, acting as insulation. While stone is normally used as a basic structural component, such as for patios.

Synthetic materials are typically made in an industrial situation and these could include, plastic and petroleum-based liquids such as dyes or paints.

Choosing the right Building Materials for you!

When selecting your building materials there are many physical properties which should be considered. While certain properties are firmly rooted in a material and unchangeable there are others that could be affected in the manufacturing and finishing process. Below is a list that outlines some of these properties.

  • Strength: The strength of a material determines its resistance to loading, tension and extreme conditions.
  • Mass and Thickness: This should be considered particularly for durability, strength and aesthetic considerations. 
  • Texture: Building materials can often be finished off to different textures. This may be within the production of even just before installation. Surfaces can be finished rough or smooth, soft or hard. Choosing which one is suitable may be determined by the use of the material, for example, a tiled floor in a public place with high footfall may need to be finished roughly to avoid slippages.

Other Supplies

Building Materials also refers to appliances that may come in handy when undertaking a construction project. Attention to detail is key! These could include:

  • Ladders or scaffold towers - very useful for a project involving roofing or upstairs windows. 
  • Nails or bolts – Common methods of joinery to add essential detail to your overall construction
  • Cleaning products or even something as simple as tape – For finishing off and maintaining

All of the above are user-friendly and convenient for making the final touches to your project. This should create a final piece of such a high quality, that blows your mind!

Further Information

We stock leading brands of quality products so there will definitely be a brand available that you trust. Here at Building Supplies Online, we recognise that bulk purchases may be on the agenda of many people. Therefore, if you are working on a large project and wish to bulk buy a product then our sales team will be on hand to help devise the best and most cost-effective plan for you moving forward!

Alternatively, if you are an individual buyer, simply in need of something for a small scale project at your house, don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information.

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