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Enhancing your door frame with architrave, skirting, or weather bars can add the finishing touches to achieve the look you want, and can improve the functionality and effectiveness of your door frame, and internal and external doors. At Building Supplies Online we have a great range of door frame accessories as well as door frame sets if you need to replace a door frame for an existing door, or add an extra door frame when remodelling your home.

Our range includes architrave sets and skirting to add to your door frame to provide a stand-out finish. These sets are available in modern and Ogee profiles, made from a choice of oak and pine, and in a range of sizes and thickness. They are available pre-finished so that you can quickly install them on your door frame, or unfinished if you want to add your own choice of paint or treatment. An architrave set or skirting is a great way to add a consistency of look across every door frame in your home to help you achieve exactly the style you want.

Our door frame accessory range also offers weather bars in oak and hardwood, and rubber weather strips for your external doors. Adding a weather bar or weather strip to your door frame helps prevent draughts or leaks. So they can increase the insulation and weather proofing provided by your door frame and external door, to help you to heat your home economically.

When remodeling your home you might need to add additional doors or replace existing doors. We offer a range of door frame sets to help you to do this. We have oak or hardwood door frame sets for standard external or internal doors, and side light door frame packs for use with single or double side lights and doors. And if you are installing a sliding door when designing a new build or remodeling an existing room, we offer sliding door frame sets using the XL Joinery Easi-Glide system for use with single or double sliding doors. Our door frame packs incorporate all the necessary hardware such as beading and weather bars, and are available pre-finished ready to install, or unfinished for you to add your own choice of paint or treatment. So our door frame accessory range makes it easy to install a new or replacement door frame for any kind of internal or external door.

Frames, Architraves and Skirting Door accessories can enhance the overall appearance of any door, whilst enhancing the efficiency and performance of the door.  They successfully help to create an attractive finished look.

At Building Supplies Online we can provide you with all the necessary door accessories needed to create an inviting and welcoming entrance to your home.  Door frames and door linings are not only a practical feature for your day, but can also create an entryway that has a contemporary feel.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all our customers leave with the correct frame architraves they need to use to complete their latest DIY home improvement project or task.

All our frame architraves and skirting for your doors are made to the highest available quality so that you can rest assured that our products always deliver.  By adding skirting to your door you can create a finished look that truly delivers functionality and a great fit.

At BSO we understand that making a great first impression is paramount to our customers and we believe that our architraves with last and provide easy installation.  If you need additional help with door installation, please find our handy guide on standard door sizes.  Should you require more information regarding our door accessories or frame architraves please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Image for LPD Oak Weather Bar
    LPD Oak Weather Bar
    £17.99 Inc. VAT
  2. Image for LPD Hardwood Weather Bar
    LPD Hardwood Weather Bar
    £10.00 Inc. VAT
  3. Image For JB Kind Unvarnished Oak Pair Maker
    JB Kind Unvarnished Oak Pair Maker

    Starting at £55.00 Inc. VAT

  4. Deanta White Primed Door Lining Set
    Deanta White Primed Door Lining Set

    Starting at £34.00 Inc. VAT

  5. Deanta Walnut Door Lining Set - Fire Rated
    Deanta Walnut Door Lining Set - Fire Rated

    Starting at £103.00 Inc. VAT

  6. Deanta Walnut Door Lining Set
    Deanta Walnut Door Lining Set

    Starting at £73.99 Inc. VAT

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