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Flowers and plants are a beautiful addition to any garden space. No matter the size or landscape of your outdoor areas, plants are the character and colour that can transform your available spaces. But some still decide not to plant out of fear that the maintenance of such flora and fauna will be too much to handle.

What are Secateurs?

We strive to dispel this myth and make the gardening process both efficient and fun, even for the customer with absolutely no gardening experience! Our premier range of Secateurs also known as pruning shears, allow you to easily keep your plant and garden aesthetic areas pristine in their appearance, acting as hand scissors specifically designed to chop through even the thickest of branches with the slightest of ease!

At jaw droppingly affordable prices there is no reason not to get your garden into the best shape possible with Secateurs so that you can enjoy your space to the fullest, whether it be sitting outside reading on the lawn on a summer’s day or admiring your shrubberies whilst sipping your morning coffee anytime of the year.

Why Choose Secateurs

  • For the less experienced shearer, some DIY websites can seem confusing, especially for first time buyers, to know if you are buying the right product for your personal gardening needs. Here, we strive to provide you with all the information necessary to make sure you buy the Secateurs that are right for the maintenance and shaping of your own nature-based spaces.
  • For our customers looking for the highest ranker in efficient practicality, our partnerships with established companies, such as Fiskars, whose history in selling such consumer goods dates back to the 17th century, epitomise the traditional combined with proven practicality that Building Supplies Online continually offers their customers.
  • Our range of Secateurs are fitted with innovative grip technology that not only enhances the comfort of your trimming experience but augments the friction between handle and hand so as to lessen any potential slippage.
  • From Pruners to Secateurs, our collection encompasses the buying capacity of all our customers, making maintaining your beautiful garden an affordable pass-time for all.

All gardens contain a vast variety of plants and shrubbery and therefore need different types of treatment...

Our collection encompasses Secateurs specifically designed to treat the following common greenery elements:

  • Cutting shoots and general garden pruning
  • Decaying and live wood
  • Branches and large stems
  • Deadheads

Types of Secateurs Available

Anvil Hand Pruners

Ideal for cutting the thicker branches blocking the sun in your garden. This style of Secateurs is built with one blade, allowing you to attack the unwanted planted in your garden from both angles, with the simple swing and flick of the wrist. The recoil technology employed by Anvil style blades decreases the force needed to be used during trimming, making your gardening chores a leisurely afternoon activity.

Bypass Hand Pruners

ideal for those prioritising optimal efficiency. The Bypass style acts like a pair of hand scissors, using two blades to speedily break through any shrub or branch in your way. The varying concave and convex shaping of the blades will cause them to work in perfect unison when dealing with the unwanted weeds in and around your garden.


The affordable price of our Secateurs collection is only topped by the high quality of materials they are constructed with.

Employing innovative carbon steel blades in our Secateurs designed for dead and live wood use makes for a cleaner cut and consequentially, less bruising to occur on live wood surfaces.

For our customers looking for a little extra safety precaution, the sleek finish of the polyamide anvil block of some of the models of our Secateurs range add an extra layer of both safety and style.

Buying your Secateurs

Secateurs have been the staple of any good gardener’s tool box in Europe since the 1810s, but have existed in European and East Asians settlements since before the Early Middle Ages. Its perpetuation as an essential plant, branch and grass shearing tool over centuries only proves its cruciality in maintaining your garden today.

After so many years of use, we at Building Supplies Online have selected a range of Secateurs that offer the best on the market in terms of quality and price, incorporating the learned improvements that have been made the perfect the product over the past thousands of years.

Improve your mood easily every morning by allowing yourself to look out over your neatly trimmed, colourful garden. Our premier collection of Secateurs will help you realise this vision in a matter of minutes to a maximum of hours depending on the size of your shrubbery covered spaces. Don’t miss out on the best value for money in terms of Secateurs on the market by purchasing from our range today at

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