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Door Handles

Door Handles are an essential finishing touch to any interior; they are an additional option for interjecting more personality and character into your interior.

Sometimes the simplest functional necessities can be the one fitment that adds style and elegance to your home. Because of this, we have prioritised this fundamental fixture by providing you with almost 600 different options.

The perfect Door Handle fulfils two criteria: Firstly function, and secondly, style. Door Handles are fundamentally an operational prerequisite. This does not mean they cannot equally be a stand alone design feature. Much like any other decorative interior element, they can add to the luxury and sophistication of a styled period home. They can be an integral fitting in a cutting edge modern interior.

Following our guide, you can then best choose from our extensive range of products. These are available in all kinds of style, shape, material, and finish.

Our Range

We have an extensive portfolio of backplate, and round rose lever styles in both period and modern design. Available in a range of finishes like brass, nickel, stainless steel, chrome and black alloy.

All our door handles are available in a range of sizes so that they can be utilised for furniture such as, kitchen cabinet handles, as well as your household doors.

Things you Should Consider

What Style of Door and Room are you Choosing for?

  • The perfect Handle can provide an attractive, and striking feature of your doors decorative style. It's not merely a functional piece of door furniture. But to do this, you have to choose a style Door Handle that matches the style of your door and your overall decorative style
  • Are you decorating in a traditional style with complementary doors? You might prefer Victorian styles, or Georgian style. This is because of their distinctive scroll designs to fit in with this look. Are you decorating in a modern style? You might then prefer a stylish, designer Door Handle, typically with the handle based on a rose rather than a back plate. These feature a sleek, straight or curved designer handle

Who Will Be Using the Door Handles in your Home?

  • As well as looking great you want to make sure that your handle is easy to use for all the people living in your home
  • This is so everyone can get in and out of the room with ease
  • If you have small children or if you are elderly then you might prefer a lever style rather than a traditional door knob 
  • These can be easier to grasp and turn for people with limited hand mobility
  • Thicker lever shaped designs are also easier to use than thinner shapes
  • If you choose a lever shape, you should also think about the different sizes of hands that people have 
  • You will want to choose a design with enough clearance between the lever and the face of the door so that everyone can use them comfortably

Are there any Additional Safety Concerns?

  • Traditional handles positioned at a head height for small children playing in your home might be an accident risk
  • So if you have small children, you might prefer a lever-shape
  • They are designed without sharp corners or sharp points that they might injure themselves on in the event of an accident

What Material is Shall I Choose?

  • Your choice will often depend on the shape and style that you prefer
  • Consider the style of door and room that your door handle needs to complement
  • If you live in coastal regions, or regions with high humidity you might also prefer a more durable, corrosion resistant material

What Finish is Best?

  • Our metal door handles made from chrome, brass, nickel, and stainless steel are available in different finishes
  • Which finish you prefer will often depend on the look that you are hoping to achieve and the style of your door and rooms
  • You might also consider how easy it will be to keep your door handles clean and looking their best
  • If you have small children whose hands are prone to get messy when they play, you might prefer a brushed finish for your door handles

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